Sleeping Beauty: Fairies, a Prince and a Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is one of those old, classic Disney films that everyone grew up watching. Well, I’d never seen it up until this summer. The film is rather inconsistent in some lighter aspects, but it was a fun movie with some fun characters.

Some people believe the title “Sleeping Beauty” is not accurate because it was more focused on the three fairies than her. I’m actually fine with it being called Sleeping Beauty because it reminisces to the old fairytale that it came from. It has the feeling of old, ancient and traditional. And I think it’s a very pretty title.

The fairies themselves were very colorful characters (literally!). The three have different depositions and particular tastes that bounced off of each other. The little argument over the blue and pink was hilarious. My mom has trained Kayla and I in baking, cooking, sewing, cleaning, so it was hilarious seeing them struggle to cook, sew… (which made me wonder how they survived the whole sixteen years! That was one of the inconsistanses.) But it was hilarious all the less!

Prince Phillip is Disney’s first Prince to have an actual personality and more speaking time. I found his sudden attraction to Rose sudden and rather silly but I won’t harp on it because this film was made back when they were more worried about making the audience happy than keeping the story realistic. I still liked him, and I thought his escape at the end was very heroic. I thought it was great how the fairies were able to assist him to a degree during the escape. 🙂

Sleeping Beauty herself came off as one dimensional but she was nothing terrible like a lot of people say or think, “She slept the entire time!” or “She didn’t do anything!” Is there something wrong with that? That was the role she played in the film. If she hadn’t been asleep, there wouldn’t have been the big climax of Prince Phillip coming for her.  She did seem rather shallow in character, but I think that came from under development, and being raised by three fluff heads…

Overall, the film was enjoyable as a classic. The fairies certainly saved it from being un-interesting and I’d watch it again. 🙂

Rating: G

Pace: on the slower side.



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