Don and His Angel Nephews

I love the nephews. They are the cutest things ever! Their little voices are adorable and I love how they speak in unison, or share the same sentence! It’s funny how they can be having a jolly time with Donald and the next minute their clashing heads!

I felt I should publish their intro first. The nephew’s little game on the tricycle is genius!

ROFL “Come and get it!” . . . “Come and—” BANG!

Poor little fellows. It’s the one out of ten time where they’re actually doing something nice, and Donald’s all suspicious of them!

I laughed so hard over this one. “Someone call the fire department!”

LOL here’s another time where they’re trying to do something nice. While I thought it was funny Donald fell for their lady disguise, I kinda wondered, “What would Daisy think of him?!”

This one is more about Donald, but I love the childlike admiration of the Nephews in this one.

This one was different, but hilarious. The way Disney leads his cartoons is great. 😛

That shark… scariest thing ever!!!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one! Super hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!! A must watch!

Another MUST WATCH. “Hi, Uncle Donald!” >P

Aren’t they adorable?



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