Attack of the Clones: Star Wars Review

I don’t really know where I stand on this one. There are some parts of pure awesomeness and then there are parts and characters that I just can’t stand. It is my least favorite of the prequels; that will all be explained shortly.

I do find Padme and Anakin a cute couple. Very cute. But I’m perplexed how a girl like Padme could be attracted to a boy like Anakin. Apparently she and I have different ideas on the ‘ideal’ guy. Because Anakin is not my ideal guy for a husband. He was moody. He was disrespectful of Obi-Wan (whom I love to pieces)—both in his presences and when he was with Padme. He seemed almost too infatuated with Padme…and showed it very awkwardly. And he whined so much. I came into the movie and was stunned by how immature Anakin really was. (I will say that I’m happier with Anakin in Ep III, but that comes later.)

I did like how Anakin was concerned and still cared for his mother. I found that very touching and beautiful. It was so sad when she died, I nearly cried.

Now about Padme. How she was attracted to this young man is above my head. Anakin would probably annoy me to no end if I knew him in person, even if he is a cute guy. So, considering I didn’t like Anakin that much, and I still had no bond to Padme, I found their romance mediocre, and it’s still not a favorite of mine. It’s nothing like Han and Leia’s romance. Nothing near it. And I think the difference is because Han and Leia were actually in love. I have a feeling that Anakin and Padme more physically attracted to each other and that’s a different type of love. I think that love did deepen as it’s shown later on, but right then? *sighes* No, I just don’t buy it.

I do LOVE her wedding dress, by the way! It’s absolutely gorgeous. Her’s was the first that I ever looked at and thought, “I so want to get married in a dress like that!” I would have the neck line a little higher….. but the rest of the gown and the head dress is stunning!

As I’ve mentioned before, I actually bonded to Obi-Wan in The Phantom Menace, so everything that effected him really affected me! I got nervous when Jango and Boba Fett chased after him in the ships. I kinda missed his short hair style though, he looked very handsome like that.  And I wish Anakin showed more respect to him; he really was a great Jedi.

(I kinda wished Anakin had showed more excitement or just some emotion when he was reunited with Threepio. He seemed to really care about him when he left him.)

Probably my favorite characters from the movie, outside of Obi-Wan, would Threepio and Artoo! “Die, Jedi, die!” One of the most hilarious lines in film history ever! Artoo was amazing in the factory!

The music was awesome AS ALWAYS! Three cheers for John Williams! Hip, hip, hurray! Hip, hip, hurray! Hip, hip, hurray!

I liked the different settings they were placed in. The creatures in the arena were very cool, all the spaceships were amazing and the different worlds vastly unique. But everything was painfully  . . . . Animated. I miss all the actual sets and models from the originals. They seemed like real ships and real buildings because they WERE real! This is something that I also miss in the behind-the-scene shots. While this new technology is great, I miss seeing the actors sitting around on real set. With the Originals, you have Carrie goofing off with every dummy within reach and Harrison chilling on a set of steps from Cloud City or Mark grinning up at the puppet Rancor. With the Prequels, the actors are with some set, but most of it is just blue or green backgrounds and blue and green covered contraptions. I just really miss the old fashioned film sets. Anybody concur or am I just really weird?

Love his FACE!

It might sound like I didn’t enjoy this one that much at all. I did enjoy watching it and there were some very exciting parts and even some epic parts. It was… lacking, to me. Considering many of the characters didn’t agree with me that much, I enjoyed it more than some movies that are like that. However, considering I enjoyed it less than Revenge of the Sith and I had a stronger bond to Qui-Go and Obi-Wan in the Phantom Meance, this places Attack of the Clones as number three in my arrangement of Prequels.

My review for my very favorite prequel will come shortly!



7 thoughts on “Attack of the Clones: Star Wars Review

  1. I actually agree with some of what you said on Anakin. XDD I still really like him and Padme, but I thought AotC showed their romance in a very……. awkward light. 😛 XD
    I love Obi-Wan in this movie, and I love the droids!!! Padme is awesome, her clothes are to die for. XDDD LOL!!! 😉

    Great job, and again with all the pictures, AMAZING! 😀 Love ya, and I can’t wait for the ROTS review!!!!! (It’s my favorite prequel too!!!) 😀

    Fallon/Jedi~Chick ❤

  2. AOTC was good but not great. I think the acting was lacking and Padme/Ani’s relationship didn’t develop enough. REALLY great review though!!

    Favorite prequel? I hope you’re thinking what I’m thinking 😉 ……bring on ROTS!!!!!!!!!

  3. I do like this movie best out of the prequels but I don’t expect you to agree with me on everything. 🙂 Everyone’s opinion is different and just as valid.
    Although I do like Anakin I hate his whining and going on about Obi-Wan and blah, blah blah. 🙂
    I like it when he’s cool and not complaining and I simply LOVE Padme.
    The arena bit is really cool and I love the start with “If you’ll excuse me” and “You don’t want to sell me deathsticks”
    I hate Revenge of the Sith (although I’ll watch it) because Anakin turns to the dark side and Padme dies the best part out of that is the start and until Obi-Wan kills Grievous I’m fine but than the Jedi die and Anakin kills the younglings!! *sniff* Yeah I sound like an Anakin freak and I am a bit but yeah I like him. 🙂
    And in AOTC I hate all the mushy bits with Anakin and Padme.
    Can’t wait for more.

    1. Thank you everyone for the comments! 😀 I’m glad I didn’t come off as totally weird. LOL

      @Vellvin: Thank you for the gracious dis-agreeance. I appreciate it when someone can disagree with me without sounding outraged. 😛 😀 I don’t mind you being an Anakin freak. XP I’ve become a slight Obi-Wan freak, which I never thought I would be. It’s fun to have favorites! Thank you for the long comment, I enjoyed reading it.

      @Savanna: Thank you! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought it was underdeveloped, I was kinda afraid I was the only one.

      @Jedi-Chick: It was rather awkward; I like their relationship better in ROTS, it seemed a bit stronger than but maybe it was because they looked and acted a little older. Yes, many of Padme’s clothes as AWESOME! My very favorite is that wedding gown… 😀

      I’m glad you gals are looking forward to the ROTS review! I’ll try to get that typed in the car tomorrow! Looking forward to hearing your feedback on that one! 🙂

      Love, Jamie

      1. Yay!! Beware- my ROTS comment may be an essay. LOL! Just kidding….I do really love that movie though. I can’t wait to see all the pictures you add to the post.

      2. LOL, I am going to totally look forward to it to reading it!!! 😀

        I’ll the make the post explode with the pictures than! 🙂

        Love, Jamie

  4. I like this one best out of the prequels because of all the different aspects and action. I like ROTS a lot too but it’s kinda sad because the 3 main characters are distressed in a most unpleasant circumstance. I’d join you in throwing rocks and Ani, but I have to say I really do like Padme. I totally agreed about Anakin not being too excited seeing 3po again, that’s very disappointing. Good pics! I have to comment that I rather like Zam Wessel or at least the woman version of her, sorta cool. Not cool that she tried to kill Padme, etc. but still she was cool. I still think Anakin deserved a smack in the face from Padme or maybe 2 or 3….

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