Pictures of DC

Okay, here is the collection of the best pictures from our three days in Washington D.C. The picture above is from the Iwo Jima memorial; as you can see, we are wearing coats and using umbrellas as it was sprinkling.

There’s is just something tingly in this memorial; well, the picture it came from itself. Very cool and heroic looking! Probably one of the most epic memorials there.

And the same day we saw the Jefferson Memorial. I liked all his quotes on the walls; they were full of God’s truth right there for anyone to read!

Day Two: here we are beside one of the many Metro maps. If you see the blue line, it comes right towards my head there. That’s the line we rode on. 🙂 Nathan has been making the weirdest faces for the camera on this trip. There’s one of them!

HERE ARE THE ACTUAL RUBY SLIPPERS! 😀 See what I mean about them looking old? They were as bright red in the movie, but I understand why! 😛

Here is a skeleton from a sea turtle from the Natural Mesuem. It was huge!!!!!!!

And here is an actual dinosaur skull! Very big, and the teeth are pretty big! I wish we had taken more pictures from the museums but Mom wouldn’t give me the camera…. so we don’t have as many pictures as I would have liked.

THIRD DAY. This shot of the Capital Building was taken from the Trolley.

I think Mom got this shot of the Lincoln Memorial. It was very BIG!

I took this picture of part of the Vietnam War Memorial.

Here we are in front of the wall of names for the Vietnam Memorial. Nathan happens to be making another one of his faces!

Names of those who gave their lives for freedom.

I also got this shot and the next one of the Korean War Memorial. Dad says this way is really declared over because we still have soldiers there!

I like how real looking these statues are; almost as if they were frozen in time!

Here Kayla and I with the Lincoln Memorial behind us. We were standing the Trolley line before we found out the roads were closed and trolley wasn’t coming! Also, CHECK OUT my new shirt!!!! LOVE IT to pieces!

Me with the Washington Memorial behind me. It was closed because the recent earthquake and it was damaged from that.

Had to do this one of Nathan! 😛

And here we are on the Metro on our way home, very exhausted from all our walking!!


4 thoughts on “Pictures of DC

  1. Haha looks like a really fun time!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 I love all the pictures Jamie! 🙂

    And I absolutely love all your skirts. 😉

    This is kinda funny that your family was just there, because my best friend’s family was recently in DC too!! 🙂 She just got home last night, and it looks like they had just as much fun as your family did! 😉

  2. I love all of these pictures!! You have a really nice looking family and your little brother’s faces are funny. Your Declaration of Independence shirt is AWESOME!!

    P.S. You and your sister look so TALL!! LOL! I’m only 5’2″. 😛

    1. Thank you all for the wonderful comments! I’ve been having a more drag of a day being in the car all day, and these really cheered me up! 🙂

      @EFC: Thank you! I hope you can visit there someday too!

      @Savanna: Thank you for the compliment! Nathan is a cutie, he gets away with too much cause of it! 😛 Actually, Kayla and I ARE tall. LOL I’m about 5′ 7″ and Kayla is just a smidgen taller. We have a two uncles and three boy cousins who are over six feet tall! 😀

      @Jedi-Chick: I’m glad you liked them; and thank you about the skirts! Lol, that is a funny coincidence! By the way, we ate at Cracker Barrel last night! I thought immediately about you! 😀

      Love you girls, thanks a heap for the comments! 😀


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