The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Sanctuary!

This is has been titled as one of Disney’s darkest films. And while it is dark, it is non the less very enjoyable. While it seems to take forever to get to some decent action, it spends a lot of time building the characters so that when the action does come, you care about the characters and what happens to them. Clopin is eccentric and hilarious. Pheobus is witty and manly. Esmerelda is strong and courageous. Quasimodo is brave and loyal. And the villain is chilling and treacherous.

The only thing I didn’t really like from this movie was the stone friends of Quasimodo; they were kinda weird and then the one song in the middle was ridiculous and kinda broke up the flow of the film.  Outside of them, though, I really enjoyed this film.

The morals of this story are deep, sound and easy to agree with Biblically.

The heart of someone is what defines who they are in character. The appearences of others don’t necessarily mean that the person is going to rotten. Quasimodo was rejected because of his misshapen form but had a heart of gold. His master, Frollo, wanted to cleanse the world of outward sin, but his heart was filled with hatred and anger. He saw gypsies as wretched sinners that needed to be stamped out simply because they were gypsies. Quasimodo and Captain Pheobus both discovered that the gypsies were really good people who were simply in bad situations. Quasimodo learned that you can’t judge people by their titles whether it be ‘Gypsy’ or ‘Prefect’. But by their hearts in whether they be doing good or bad.

As I mentioned already, the film did a good job building the characters before the action began, which I appreciate. And they are all dimensional characters.

Quasimodo: loyal, strong, naïve, and caring. While deformed from birth, he’d lived under the impression  that he was a monster compared to the rest of society. It wasn’t until he met Esmerelda the gypsy that her learned other wise. He risked his life for his friends who all risked their lives for him.

Esmerelda: she’s the daring, spunky gypsy. Esmerelda is a street dancer, very beautiful both in appearance and in heart.  She defied all that condemned people who couldn’t defend themselves. Being strong and young, she fought in defense of those who were weak or defenseless, and all her gypsy friends aided her. She saved many lives, including Pheobus’. She was fierce in her defiance against Frollo that he was willing to burn the whole city to find her.

Pheobus: the witty and brave captain who also defied tyranny for true justice and truth. Pheobus didn’t agree with the attack of the gypsies and those who helped them. He defied an order to set fire to a pheasant home that held a family in it. He was to be executed, but was saved by Esmerelda. And then they fell in love!

The Music: some of the most powerful Disney music I’ve heard! The opening song is chilling, and I’ve listened to it a bunch way before I saw the movie! So very epic; it’s below.

The most epic moment is when Quasi screams, “Sanctuary” from the top of the church at the climax. I loved the church was linked with being safe. I wish the church still had that kind of respect nowadays.

To bring this post to a close, I highly recommend this film for the characters and strong morals. I probably wouldn’t let younger siblings watch for dark themes, but older children would enjoy this. 🙂

Rating: G

Pace: Slow but smooth, does excellent job building character in the slow part so that it counts for the faster parts.


2 thoughts on “The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Sanctuary!

  1. I like the morals of this movie but, the entire thing creeps me out. I never watch it these days because I was horrified as a child when I first saw it. LOL!!

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