Who get’s stuck with all the bad luck?

Donald. He’s my favorite. I know, it’s hard to pick favorites. They’re all hilarious and endearing. And Donald and Goofy are a hard draw. But Donald is my favorite. He’s a hilarious character. And he gets paired with the chipmunks and his nephews! Awesome!

Okay, so like, that bee is adorable! And poor Donald missing his game like that! Lol! It can be so frustrating try to watch a show or hear the radio and than get interrupted! Rrrg! Lol

So Donald’s smarter than we might think he is…… I laughed so hard through this one. It would be humiliating reducing yourself to a baby!

I found the narrative stories slightly interesting, because it’s a different type of story telling.

I thought it was hilarious the neighbors were camping out on the roofs to watch and were cheering! That’s just great!

I dragged Kayla away from her computer to watch this one; it’s the bomb!  So very clever! I love how Military leader showed up in time to see the guy jumping around singing.

At first Kayla didn’t want to sit through this one. I managed to convince her and she ended up liking it. This is another one of the narrative cartoons. The two of us were roaring with laughter during the ‘falling down the stairs’ part!

I can sympathize with Donald. I hate how things suddenly seem so loud at night; normally when I’m not very tired. When I’m tired, I don’t care. 🙂

Alrighty, here’s another one that I remember! What I think I remember most is the other duck’s voice; very deep and cultivated!  And the image of him and Daisy in the boat stuck out as well.

TOTALLY remembered this one! So much of this flashed back: the honk of the doneky, Daisy coming down the cactus, Daisy taring up the picture and stamping on it, and the unicycle!

This one surprised me because I didn’t remember it at all…. up until Donald went under water and lay snuggled next to the huge fish and they started snoring. I think my mouth hung open when I saw that part. It’s so funny what I remember!!!

Which one did you like best? Do you remember certain parts from when you were little that are weird?



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