Adventure in the Captial

Today was fun and enjoyable, but not everything went the way we had planned!

We came in on the Metro trains, and from there we bought our Old Town Trolley tickets. It was sunny and bright, but very windy as we started our tour. The trolleys were really cute; gold and green. They don’t run on tracks, though. We planned to hop off down at the Lincoln Memorial, so we sat through most of the ride. Than…. our driver made a wrong turn…..and we ended up on the freeway! Yes, I’m serious, on the freeway! We ended up driving down into Virgina before we could turn around! Our tour guide said we got the once in a life time adventure tour! He pointed out a lot of things while we were on the freeway.

He did get us back on the route and dropped us off at the Lincoln Memorial. That thing is huge! We visited the Vietnam memorial and the Korean memorial too. Speaking of Korean, the President of South Korea came into Washington this morning and that messed up the traffic a little bit. We didn’t get to see him or anything, but he sure screwed us traffic.

After we had a light lunch, we met with the full aftermath of bad traffic from local protestors. All the roads leading into the Lincoln Memorial were closed, which meant all the buses and trollies couldn’t come get us all! We ended WALKING about an hour and half all the way into town to the American History Museum! My feet are still killing me. From there, Dad wanted to us to still be able to see the International Spy Museum. So, he took Nathan to the Air and Space Smithsonian, and hired a Peddi Cab to take Kayla, Mom and I too the spy museum. I was kinda nervous on that ride, so I pretended I was some kind of Star Wars nobility being taken somewhere by my trusty driver. I felt better pretending.

The Spy Museum is one of the most awesome places I’ve ever been to. OF COURSE, no photography was allowed, so we couldn’t take any pictures or video. We met up with Dad and Nathan for dinner and found our way back to the Metro station. We dropped from one train to another, and than ended up waiting twenty minutes because it was delayed. I could have fallen asleep on the ride back to our district.

I’m exhausted, but I did want to write up the exciting stuff before I lost much detail. 🙂 We start for home tomorrow, and will hopefully be back to Arizona by next Sunday for sure. I can’t believe our vacation is almost over. I’m going to need a vacation, from this vacation!



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