Wall-E: Robotic Adventure

Our Pastor’s family lent us Wall-E and said it was SO GOOD.


I don’t really understand why they thought it was so wonderful. While I did enjoy watching it, it definitely didn’t become a top favorite or anything. I might watch it again sometime. But….. it wasn’t the best of the best, in my opinion.

However, I want to keep most of my reviews in a positive light, so I’ll be posting on the things that I did enjoy and like, with a little criticism if need be.

First off; Wall-E himself. He was very cute and a fun, interesting personality for a clean-up robot (understand it takes strong control of myself to keep from saying ‘droid’ not robot.) While I understand how a robot would want some company after being alone for so many years, I don’t know why the interest was towards love. He’s a robot, for heavens sake. Robot’s don’t really have feelings other than what is programed in them.

Consider C-3PO and R2-D2 when it comes to preforming as they’re programmed. Threepio is always worrying about his parts and is making sure everyone knows what’s going on—that’s his job, that’s how he’s programed. Artoo is made to fix things and help, so he always right there opening doors, pulling things or shooting just the right objects to the people he needs to assist. That’s how he is programed. Neither of the droids do things that is not programed into them, unless commanded strongly by a human they assist and respect (Like Threepio telling  Luke it’s against his programming to pretend to be a deity to the Ewoks, but than doing so because Luke insisted).

However, the romance that was there was very sweet and cute. I liked Wall-E’s dedication to help Eve in what she was interested in, and in turn, she ended up caring for him too.

Eve: I liked her. I was fascinated by her design–her parts would melt together or expand into sections which you hadn’t seen. I loved her robotic giggle and her voice.  Overall, I liked her.

One other character I really, really liked was the little cleaning robot. His frustration at finding all the dirty tracks left by Wall-E was so hilarious and cute.

I probably would have enjoyed this film a little more if it hadn’t been the representation of the humans. They all looked the same size and same age….and they looked gross. It was just disgusting.

The animation on the whole was very well done. The story was very creative; but weird. I found it interesting they had live film clips added. Overall, I liked the film. But it’s not a top favorite or anything. I do recommend for a clean film to watch, though. You just might enjoy it a little more than I did.

I know, I know. I don’t like the movie a whole lot…but the pictures are cute! 🙂

~Jamie Joyce


2 thoughts on “Wall-E: Robotic Adventure

    1. I like Pixar but I’m am CERTAINLY NOT one of those crazy fans who just think Pixar is the bomb or anything. They have good movies, but I don’t really see what sets them apart from other animators. 🙂 And I just loved that twist in Toy Story Two! “Your such a great Dad!” LOL


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