Humble Heroes

The world needs more humble heroes.

I’ve come to the conclussion that one of the top qualities I want to see in my future husband is humbleness. I’m no longer concerned with looks, but what’s going on in the heart.

My heart sinks a little more each time I see young men I respect become more and more prideful in their Christian walk (I’m am saying this statement based from what I have seen repeatedly). They want to be more tough and manly than all the feminisied men out there in the World. They want to be the tough guys who love work and challenges, to be the guys with the firm handshakes. And I’m thankful there are young men striving to play the role that God has given them in such a deteriorating culture. And it seems a lot of them are under the impression that what makes a manly man is if they’re strong and tough. Excuse me, being strong and tough is not what makes a man. Humbleness is what makes a guy, a MAN.

The more they–how do I say this carefuly–seemly put themselves up for being the manly men that God wants, I get a sinking feel of their growing pride. I wish these young men would be able to speak out truth without looking down on others for not doing or understanding the same principles.

I think pride is one of the most dangerous sins, because it can harden our hearts against others and it can make us so thick that we will no longer be able to learn from others. I struggle with pride a lot, and it grieves me that I can be so stubborn and hard hearted, especially with my sister. I fall in this area as much as the guys do, in different aspects.

I don’t know about them, but I want to stop seeing myself as someone extra special and become more humble. I want to start putting myself out to my sister, as a start. To be less selfish, to try do things that make her happy. I want to step out of my comfort zone and be a servant to her. It’s hard, but I want to really work on this, especially now while we’re out on vacation. I want to be able to show my love to her, in humble ways.

Because I know that if I want a humble husband, I need to start praticing to be the humble wife that he will want.

And I’m not totally discouraged about never meeting some humble young guys who are real men. They ARE out there! Because I have already met some humble, down to earth guys who are MEN. They are men because they’re humble. They can take time to talk to a little kid and bring him into the game with the big kids. They include everyone when they can and put themselves last. They’re not afraid to talk to strangers. They don’t look down on others. They see themselves as small things in God’s big plan.

And . . . that’s what makes them big. That’s what make them THE tough guys. No thank you, I don’t want a tough, musuclar, able-to-get dirty guy if he’s just going to be prideful about it. But I will take him if he can be humble about it.

To tie this in with Movie Month, I want to use as example, humble superhero; a man who is number TWO on my heroes list!

He was made into a super solider. But his pride didn’t grow with his body and strength. Now, on the outside, he’s a real tough man. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. He’ll charge danger to save others and would give his life for a country in peril. But he doesn’t revel in his manliness or look down on others or see himself as anything extra special. In the face of his enemy, he simply smiled and shook his head. “I’m just a kid from Brooklyn.” Captain America was a humble man. To me, he became an amazing man. Because as he humbled himself, he grew twice as tall in my eyes.

Because, to me, humbleness is twice the man.

The world needs more humble heroes. You and I can be those humble heroes. We just need to be humble and see who we really are in God’s big plan; finite specks in a big universe. Thank God He has saved us with His Grace and confess that we’re nothing without Him . . . . . .


7 thoughts on “Humble Heroes

  1. You are very right!! I really loved this post.

    Also, I want to watch Captain America after all of your good comments on it. I’ll definitely Netflix it soon!!

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