Mickey Mouse Gang

I know I did a movie post all ready, but I wanted to do a video post today!

Everyone should see the old 30’s and 40’s Disney cartoons at least once in their lives. Not just because they’re simply hilarious but because they were part of the breakthrough in animation and films. The classic characters are bright and unique; a lot of fun to watch in interaction. The ever good-hearted, cheery Mickey. The simple minded Goofy with his hilarious chuckle. And Donald Duck with his showcase hissy fits and amazingly awesome voice. They make one of the most awesome trios in films—EVER.

I’m envious of their trailer. My family goes on a lot of camping trips with our travel trailer. And it would awesome to have something like theirs!

The happy feelings of my little childish self came back when I rewatched this again. There are certain scenes that stuck out as something that I remember from when I was little: the doughnuts landing on the plate, the flypaper catching the flames, the screaming cow in the bath tub.

Once again; another show I remember from when I was little. A vivid scene I remember is of Goofy squirting the perfume into the air. This is actually one of my

This one I do not remember seeing when I was little, but I really liked any way! Their method of packing is hilarious!

I drove myself crazy trying to remember all the different cartoons I had seen, and than trying to find them. I found Crazy with the Heat on accident but remembered it as soon as the postcards peeled of windshield. And the tune Goofy whistled jolted my–could you call it—subconscious. It was like, “I remember that! I remember that!”  I just love that feeling when you remember something so weird!

This one I remembered slightly too. The one scene on this one for me was when Mickey unrolled the bag of tools. I know, weird things to remember! But maybe I was a weird little girl…. 😛

And this one I remember from my childhood as well, and I was very excited to find it. I still have my same thoughts: the puppies are ADORABLE.

And that sums up my favorite Original Gang cartoons, I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. 😀


2 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse Gang

  1. SO CUTE! 😀 I love each and every one of these……..I’ve seen them all before. XD But I still love them all!!!!!! 😀 Great post Jamie!!!!!!!! 😀

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