Pennsylvania: we’re actually settling into our hotel right now as we speak. It’s actually earlier than usual, it’s about 6:20 (I laugh because my laptop clock says it’s only 3:20 back home)! Tomorrow will be very laid back, Mom says. She said we won’t have to leave the hotel till about 11:00 am; so we’ll all get to relax.

Today we left New York for good and we’re now on our way for Washington DC. Mom and Dad are planning on letting us see all the memorials there. We’re about three hours from DC from where we are now, so we’ll get there tomorrow evening for sure.

I’ll be looking forward to having some internet time here. I’ll certainly be throwing some posts together; hopefully one of Niagara Falls will be in there. Oh, and I would like to ask for prayers for Kayla. She is suffering from a sore throat and hasn’t spoken all day. She laying down now watching the Food Network. Any prayers would be appreciated. 🙂



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