Creation Museum

Today I downsized and edited a few of my favorite shots from the Creation Museum. I took most of the pictures; but I will try to remember which one’s Mom or Kayla took. This up here is in front of the museum.

Mom took this shot above just before we went in. Check out my Captain America t-shirt. I love it.

I snapped this shot when we got through the enterance. This is right above their bookstore. I thought it looked really cool. I’m actually really pleased with the way the picture came out.

I think Mom got this picture. She wanted a picture of all the signs, it seemed. 😛

This was part of the Walk Through History. So true!
Here is Adam naming the animals at the beginning of the Bible. 🙂 It was nice because they had a narrator speaking the different passages as you went through the Genesis part of Walk Through History, instead of a sign that you could read if you wanted to. Anyone going through there would have heard God’s Word!

Kayla and a dinosaur that was part of the Naming the Animals sequence.

The serpent, Satan. I actually like their depiction of him. It looks realistic.

This dinosaur is awesome! The sounds and moves are choreographed so perfectly, it’s like it’s alive! Very, very cool!

We were excited to find penny machines throughout the museum. We got all four. I can’t wait to add them to my collection when I get home.

This is the T-Rex. So very awesome!
Mom had me pose right under the T-Rex.  You can see just exactly how tall it was! Also, better close up of my shirt (new love right now, ya know).

Here is me, Nathan and Kayla posing with this dinosaur that had a saddle on it for little kids to sit on. Nathan almost left his squished pennies there, actually. He and Dad had to go back to fetch them when we left and Nathan wondered where they were.

This awesome statue was above the exit of the bookstore. The inside theme of the bookstore with kinda knights and dragons.

I was totally looking forward to the petting zoo. Because there they have two creatures. Zorses. A combination of horse and zebra. They interbred these two breeds as an example that they are the same kind; horse kind. This is a blow to evolution which says that everything is in a species, where they say that animals are in kinds. It’s a lot like a horse and donkey mix: you get a mule. Other interbred creatures that have been seen have been ligers (lion and tiger).

They had two zorses in the petting zoo; in their own fenced little area. They walk up to the fence and stick their heads over the fence to eat feed that you hold out. After you feed them, than they’ll stand there and let you pet their heads.

If you know me, I LOVE animals, petting zoos, animal parks, ect…. And I love horses (which I never get to be around, ever). So I gave all my feed to the two zorses. They were extremely soft and very friendly. One nudged my arm to see if I had more food. I completely lost my heart in the petting zoo, and was one of my favorite parts of the visit.

Here is Nathan feeding two goats just his size. He was more concerned about keeping his hands clean than enjoying the animals though. Lol. 🙂

We had a wonderful experience there. I think everyone should go there at least once as it’s both refreshing in worldview and very profession and fun to visit!

~Jamie Joyce


8 thoughts on “Creation Museum

  1. I always wanted to go to the Creation Museum. It looks awesome! Thumbs up for the Captain America shirt. About John Williams is the Man post: Please do. I would really like to see a post about John Williams music. 🙂

    1. Thanks guys! I hope you’ll get to see it some time.

      I think I’ll do a overall composer post: maybe my top favorites. John William will DEFINITELY be on it though! He’s a top dog!


  2. That’s SO AWESOME!!!!!! 😀 I have a Creation Museum near where I live, but it’s not nearly as big or cool as this!!!! Looks like you had a blast, makes me wanna go back to my Creation Museum. 😉 Awesome post!!! Love the t-shirt!!!!! 😀

    1. I’m glad you have one near your home! We don’t have anything like this near our house! 🙂

      Thanks for the enthusiastic comments! Love ya!


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