Treasure Planet: Disney’s Space Fantasy

I picked up Treasure Planet at the library quite on a whim, not really knowing a thing about it except that it was as space fantasy take of Treasure Island. And Treasure Island is one of my most favorite books, I was rather interested.

Let’s just say I was amazed. I so enjoyed it that the next day I sent Kayla into Mom and Dad’s bedroom to watch it herself while I watched Nathan. She loved it too. The film ran as similar story line to the book, only with a space fantasy twist. It was awesome seeing the familiarity of the two stories and the different takes.

Jimbo is the version of Jim Hawkins: a young man always getting in trouble and finally wanting to make up for it. He loved to do solar surfing, which played into the story later. He wanted to make up to his mother for the things he done and redeem himself, and I admired that. There seems to be a strong flow of fan girls over him and while I didn’t find him comparable to Beast or Prince Phillip, he was a great, complex character.

Silver the Cyborg. Now he fascinated me. His one arm had a million different tools and things in it and he could wield it like nothing. His fatherly affection for Jimbo was endearing. And Jimbo loved him as a father figure as well because he never had a Dad. I ended up really like him, and I thought he stayed close to the book version of Silver as well.

There were a ton of other colorful characters, too many to recount here. But I will try to catalog them with pictures.

I have to stop to say that I really admired Jim’s mother. Her character was more developed in this story than in the actual book. She was strong and caring but strict. She was just a great mom and I really loved her.

The setting of the film is in space. It had a strong space fantasy feeling and reminded me just a tad of Star Wars. It was very interesting seeing the twists of the planets and space flight.

The music was beautiful and fitted the film perfectly. I really enjoyed it; I actually heard the soundtrack long before this because it was recommended by a young music composer whom I hold in high esteem. So…if Ben Botkin liked the music, I knew I would too. And I did. So, check out the music while you’re at it.

Overall, I really, really enjoyed this film. I recommend it for Disney fans, space fans, and fans of the original book, Treasure Island. And it’s become a new favorite film of mine. 🙂

Rating: PG, there is mild suspense, which I really enjoyed but I wouldn’t let my little brother see this.

Pace: very good, steady and strong.



3 thoughts on “Treasure Planet: Disney’s Space Fantasy

  1. Best Movie of My Childhood Award goes to Treasure Planet!!! I just re discovered Jim’s Theme: I’m Still Here, best song of all Disney songs ever!

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