Niagara Falls

Today we went to Niagara Falls.

It was beautiful.

We got to ride a boat down at the bottom of falls. The boat was called Maid of the Mist. We got to stand on the top of the boat and we got some good footage. Everyone wore blue ponchos, which worked very well, so you wouldn’t get soaked. The water falling from above flies up like a mist and pelts you like rain. At some points it was like it was raining on us! Than we’d be out of the mist and we could see. The water was cold and smelled like lake water. The boat would rock when we were in rough water too. I think the boat ride was my favorite part of the day.

After we got off the boat, Dad took Kayla and I up the Crow’s Nest, a set of platforms– up way close to the falls. There was even a point where it got scary because the water sprayed down on us so hard. We didn’t get super close, but it was close enough to me. 🙂  Our shoes were soaked by the time we came down, and mine stayed wet the rest of the day. Thankfully we had our ponchos, so our clothes stayed dry!

Later in the we drove over to Goat Island, which is in the middle of the American Falls, to see the views from there. We got to see the Canadian’s falls, the Horseshoe, from there.

So that’s a good sum up of today…I’m very tired and my feet are tired. So, adios!



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