The Great Mouse Detective: Basil of Baker Street

Sherlock Holmes is one of my most favorite fictional characters for all times and has been for a very long time. I was excited to finally watch the Disney version. It was good and I enjoyed it a ton.

One of the things I loved was that the mouse detective was not called Holmes or Sherlock. He was called Basil. Basil of Baker Street. I thought it was coolest thing that he carried the name of Basil Rathbone not Sherlock himself. Considering Basil Rathbone is my most favorite actor for all times, this makes me really happy. 😀 (I just might name one of my sons Basil…..)

Basil was a great Holmes version; stiff and business like in all his ways. Dawson was closer to the book version of Watson than the Rathbone version (I happen to really like the Nigel Bruce version of Watson).  Ratigan was an excellent Professor Moriarty symbol and was much like him in his brutish, fashionable style. Little Olivia was adorable and very mature for her age. Her devotion and love for her father was very beautiful.

The movie’s plot itself was brilliant and fun, really playing up the charactertics of all the different characters: Dawson’s loyalty, Olivia’s eager persistence, and Basil keeping his personal style and methods in action.

I loved some of the little things in the movie too. Tthe shadows of the actual Holmes and Watson around the apartment. The flying keys on the piano of the pub. And the mouse passages that wound through human buildings.

I also enjoyed the score from this movie. The main theme fitted the setting and story very well. The rest of the score was excellent and complimented the film well.

So, I recommend this film for both Sherlock Holmes and Disney fans.

Pace: not fast but steady.

Rating: G

~Jamie Joyce

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