How to Train Your Dragon

I’m going to do this post just a little differently because this is slightly in response to things which my friends have said about this movie. To start right off the bat, I will say that I loved the movie, I loved the characters, I love animation, I love the music, I basically I loved about 90% of this movie. And while I’m not saying it’s the best movie ever, it’s much better than my friends give credit.

Hiccup: Nearly all my friends called Hiccup a wimp. When I watched the movie, Hiccup didn’t come off as a wimp at all to me. A wimp is someone low-down and cowardly. Sure, he wasn’t bodily strong or extremely tough like everyone else but that doesn’t make him a wimp. He was smart and creative and actually very witty. I liked him A LOT; Kayla and I both agreed we’d love to have a friend or brother like Hiccup. He was very realistic looking; unlike nearly all the Vikings, who were so bungling with muscle that they looked ridiculous and stiff.

The Gang: They were stereotypical, which is what made them funny, and I actually liked them all in different aspects.  I still haven’t gotten their names down, though. The one kid was pretty hilarious. “The sun was in my eyes, Astrid! What did you want me to do? Block out the sun?”

Astrid: I didn’t like how she wasn’t very feminine, but I don’t think you can harp on her for wanting to fight dragons and to be strong and tough. It wasn’t like she was the only woman in the whole village who was fighting and was deciding women needed to join the men in the fighting. Other women were already fighting, so she was just doing what was pretty natural for her.

Dragon Fighting: The movie opened to the entire village battling the attacking dragons. And this is where I see things differently about the women fighting. If the village was at war with, like, invading enemies from the south, I wouldn’t agree that they should be out there on the battle front. But, I found this different. Everyone was fighting these attacking dragons like everyone fights off annoying pests or disturbing animals. They creatures where coming right up into their front yards and were setting their homes on fire. I would be out there fighting back. EVERYONE, including the kids, were fighting these creatures. They were fighting on home ground, in their streets, in their front yards, in the places that they would live. It’s a fight for survival not a fight of literal warfare. However, just to be sure I make it known, I do not agree with women going into the battlefield or women joining the army. Okay, on to some points that I really liked and wanted to point out.

Hiccup: There was almost nothing that I didn’t like about Hiccup. He LOOKED like a real kid; he was animated very well and looked very realistic (except maybe the ears). He TALKED like a real kid, too. The way his words came out, how he phrased things, how his emphasized his words. I could really relate to him because he was so real. He was also very witty in just his natural speech.

It was also nice seeing a kid that was of a more gentle and quiet nature. Too many young, Christian men today are so trying to be tough and manly that they seem to forget that what makes a real man is a humble spirit and compassionate heart. I’m not saying Hiccup is the model young man. I’m just saying that he’s not as bad as my friends want to think.

Toothless: I was really afraid that Toothless’s character would be ruined if he was cheesy or if he was too expressive, like the talking animals sometimes are. I was actually surprised and happy in how he was animated and portrayed. He showed good expression without being overly cheesy and made his intentions and wants known very well. He was very realistic and also very cute. I loved his devotion to Hiccup, and then to those whom Hiccup loved, like his father.

The Setting: I’d love to live in a place that looked like Berk. Not necessarily the village it’s self, but the surrounding area with all the trees, cliffs and water. It was beautiful animated and looked very realistic. It had a good atmosphere.

Music: Everyone knows that the score for this movie is one of the most epic you will ever hear. I heard the soundtrack long before I watched movie and it’s been a favorite for a long time. My favorite track is probably the first one.

I know most of my friends will hate me for liking this movie so much, but I’ve decided that I need enjoy the things that I enjoy and stop worrying about peer pressure. I don’t need to like the things they like and they don’t have to enjoy what I enjoy. Whether they like this movie or not does not really matter to me any more. Also, I’m not alone in my reasons of why I’m fine with things that they are not. My sister agrees with everything that I’ve said, so I’m not nuts.

In ending, I recommend this film to fantasy fans, dragon fans, action fans and good movie fans.

~Jamie Joyce

Film Rating: PG

Pace: Quick-paced, enjoyable, and steady.

Company: Dreamworks


2 thoughts on “How to Train Your Dragon

  1. This movie is one of the BEST I’ve ever seen. 🙂 I didn’t see it in theaters, I saw it when we rented it from the library, and only because my friend Amaranthine told me that the score was insanely beautiful and I should watch it. 😉 LOL! Now it’s one of my favorite movies of all time. I agree with just about everything you said Jamie!!!!!!! 😀 Hiccup’s character is so…..real. And the ending was so bittersweet, I think I cried first time I watched it. My cousin and I watched this together over the summer and she cried. (and THAT takes a lot.) XD Great post, epic pictures as always, and have a great trip!!!!!! 😀

    P.S. I listen to the songs from that movie almost every day. they are just GORGEOUS! 😀

    1. Thanks for the long comment and I glad you agree with me. At least I have someone other than my sister who loves this movie too. 🙂

      I wish I had seen this in theaters . . . .


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