New Mexico

We’re in New Mexico, getting ready for bed in our snug hotel. Dad and Nathan just came back from getting drinks from in the lobby; Dad said he was surprised they had anything left in their cups by the time they came back. I gather Nathan spilled a whole bunch on the way up….

Our drive has been uneventful. I spent most of the drive working on several film reviews (How to Train Your Dragon is finished and I will post it tomorrow night, hopefully.) We’ve heard some fun audio books and looked at our books. Nathan spent some decent time coloring Star Wars coloring pages. We had lunch at Carl’s Jr and dinner at Denny’s. My cough is much better and I haven’t blown my nose once. Hopefully I’m nearly better.

Mom said that we are going to have a Bejeweled tournament during the trip and see who can keep the highest score.  So far, Kayla has high score. I’m planning on playing one more game before retiring to see if I can’t stump it. 😀

Tomorrow we move into Texas territory and will hopefully be in Oklahoma by tomorrow night. I pray everything continues smoothly.

~Jamie Joyce



6 thoughts on “New Mexico

    1. Count of Monte Cristo, four Father Gilbert Mysteries (they are really good!) and a six part story about the ship Endurance and Artantica from Your Story Hour. 🙂

      ~Jamie Joyce

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