UP: Balloons, Birds and Adventure

I sat down to watch this with very high exceptions. Mostly because all our friends had said it was very good (Gabe has it as one of his top favorite animations; that says something). I wasn’t expecting what I saw, but I loved it greatly.

There were a lot of things I liked about this movie: the beautiful relationship of Ellie and Carl. The balloons. The talking dogs that still act like dogs (and don’t have their mouths moving looking ridiculous). The floating house. The whole things, basically.

It’s also very hilarious without anything crude, which was nice.

I wasn’t very thrilled with some of the style in the animation. Carl and his ‘squareish’ theme seemed over-done. The bird’s head looked too animated and unrealistic to be taken that seriously. And I wish Russel wasn’t so fat. But that’s about it.

I really liked Carl and Ellie’s house. It was very cute and quaint. I kinda liked all the wild colors they used on the outside. I liked seeing them grow old in the same house, never moving or leaving it.

Oh, and the music is just AWESOME. I love the soundtrack; the theme is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever heard. 🙂

Also, Dug is one my most favorite dog characters ever. Right up there with Pongo, Pluto, Lady and Tramp.

Ha ha, I get a kick out of this!!!!

~Jamie Joyce


6 thoughts on “UP: Balloons, Birds and Adventure

  1. Oh I love Up. It is a very good story, very good characters and a cleanness to go with it!
    I love all the pictures!

    1. Sorry I didn’t get to this comment earlier; Dad and Mom were throwing suitcases on a luggage cart and told me to pack up my laptop, so…

      Are you going to do a post on it on the Fangirl blog? 😛

      ~Jamie Joyce

  2. UP is a pretty good movie. I think my favorite part is the beginning with Mr. Fredrickson and his wife. It was so sweet! 🙂

    To the KING be all the glory!

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