Coughing and Packing

Not only have we been busy getting ready to leave tomorrow, but I’ve been sick….Coughing and sneezing all week. My throat was killing me Tuesday and Wednesday. I watched a whole bunch of the old Little House on the Prairie episodes on YouTube and that was lots of fun. I have high respect for Ma and Pa. 🙂 I am almost better now and will hopefully be completely recovered by next week (sorry, Rebekah! That’s why I never got to our email responded to).

Today will be very busy as we do the majority of our packing. Tomorrow in the car I’ll be working on all the Pixar and Disney posts, too! It will be fun working on the drive. If you would please pray for safe travel, I would be grateful. 🙂

~Jamie Joyce


3 thoughts on “Coughing and Packing

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