I found something interesting as I watched some of the Disney movies this past couple months. A lot of the Disney villains fall to their deaths (this a lot of people know). And a lot of Disney villains are usually accompanied by lighting, normally at the climax. Here’s some pictures to prove my point.

I just found that rather interesting. Are there any other Disney movies where the villains have lightening int he background?

~Jamie Joyce


4 thoughts on “Lightning

  1. I love that observation. Lightning is a genus tool to throw in your climax. I’ll remember that.
    Caint think of any others right now.
    J, do you like how I have a picture now?

  2. Possibly the step mother in Cinderella at one point… but I’m not entirely sure there. Cinderella has such “happy weather”! lol *tries to think* Oh yes! I’m pretty sure Syke has lightening going with him in “Oliver and Company”. More than once in fact, I’m almost positive! 😀

    Villains falling to their deaths – it’s like a Disney trademark or something! lol

    To the KING be all the glory!

    1. I haven’t seen Oliver and Company yet; it looks just a little weird. I did see Cinderella; I was trying to remember if she had lightning, but I don’t think so either. 😛

      Yes, sometimes that annoys me because there’s always that possibility that they survived and that drives me nuts!

      ~Jamie Joyce

      1. The only possibility that I can think of is perhaps when Cinderella pulled out the other shoe. I’m not sure though.

        “Oliver and Company” is kind of odd – considering they took a real book about a young orphan by Charles Dickens and made it into talking animals. The story is “loosely based upon” Oliver Twist I would say! It has it’s funny points though – and it’s a musical. 🙂

        Heehee What’s worse is when they actually DO bring back the villain when they make a sequel! :p

        To the KING be all the glory!

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