Saturday Entertainment: My First Video Post


Hey everyone, this is Jedi~Chick, from To Thine Own Self Be True or Adventures of a Fangirl, and I am publishing this for Jaime while she’s on vacation!  😉  Love you Jamie, have a great time, and thanks for trusting me to post this for ya!!!!
Enjoy the post y’all!!!!   God Bless, and May the Force be with You!!!
Love, Jedi~Chick ❤ 


By the time you are reading this, I have spent one night in our huge ‘castle on the hill’ at Family Camp, and have probably already eaten breakfast in the mess hall. So, it’s safe to say I’m either at chapel or am already down at the meadow watching the field games.

So, anyway, I decided that for today I would do a video post. All my favorite videos or songs for you to enjoy. 🙂 They range fro Star Wars to Disney Cartoons to my favorite commercials, trailers, bloopers and music. MOST OF THESE ARE NOT ON MY PLAYLISTS!

I don’t care if you don’t see another ‘I Love Lucy’ show ever, but ‘Job Switching’ is the funniest show I have ever seen. I don’t remember laughing so hard in my life (well, with exceptions to when we’ve hung out with the Cousins or H kids, or the B boys.)

This is my favorite Star Wars Trailer; it’s SO EPIC. I seriously couldn’t stop playing it after I watched it the very first time. Music does wonders to anything; I wish it was an actual part of the soundtrack!

You do not realize how in love I am with this movie and it’s star . . . .

This is the most amazing Star Wars video I’ve ever seen–it’s so powerful and strong. I think it seals the fact that Revenge of the Sith is my favorite Prequel. I love how this video ties the prequels and the originals together!

CALLING ALL STAR WARS FANS! If you haven’t seen this yet than shame on you.  Will have double appeal if you love anything Disney.

Would you believe this is a commercial?!?!?!?!? I saw this about five years ago with my Mom and my mouth dropped open at the end. I’m mean; who was the genius who thought of this? I’d buy that product any day!

This is one of my most favorite Disney moments ever.

This is one of the most entertaining Silly Songs I’d ever seen. Bob is such a great character with good dimension. 🙂 And the peas are the cutest things ever.

Try learning this song; Kayla and I conquered it, though it took a couple repeats. 😛 It’s still fascinating and hilarious.

This was the first Disney Cartoon I saw after many years of not seeing them. This COMPLETELY won my heart back to those old cartoons. Chip, Dale and Donald Duck  one of the most hilarious trios ever.

So, have I ever mentioned the Nephews are the cutest things EVER? They are adorable! And isn’t the music in this one SUPER AMAZING! I’d love to be able to dance 40’s style! That was when there was real music!

And, I couldn’t end without one of Goofy. I vividly remember watching this one when I was very young. I laughed pretty hard when I refound it again! That bull is nothing but terrifying if you ask me!

Please just laugh.  I die every time I watch this. I love the “and a plastic STEAK”.

I’ve been listening to this an awful lot; not sure why….. I just really like it, I guess.   Probably all the Mexican blood in me getting stirred up. 🙂

And, to top it off, two pieces, just for EFC. Yes, the two themes I’ve picked out for my lead characters for my NaNoWriMo book. Two of the most epic pieces I’ve ever heard. Please listen to them even if you score is not your normal thing. If you write or appreciate epic music, than you’ll love this. 🙂 In fact, the word epic doesn’t even hold up to this score. Trust me, you will not regret listening to them.

I hope you are speechless. Because I was when I first heard them.

Please tell me what you think! I’ll look forward to seeing everyone’s thought when I come home Sunday afternoon! And BIG THANKS to Jedi-Chick for publishing this for me while I’m gone! You wouldn’t have been able to enjoy this today if it wasn’t for her! Please visit her two blogs: To Thine Own Self Be True and Adventures of a Fangirl.



3 thoughts on “Saturday Entertainment: My First Video Post

  1. Oh my gosh. Amazing post. 😉 I’m honored to have published it for you. That video of the Pantene Commercial made me cry. Seriously. Oh my gosh, whoever thought of that commercial should win some award. I’m gonna go out and buy some Pantene products now. XD Also, the song in that video that the girl played, is a song I am learning for Orchestra this year!!! :DDDD

    Everything else was AWESOME!!!!! 😀 Seriously!!! I love all the videos, and the Mr. and Mrs. Potato head bloopers are my favorite. 😉 My mom and I have this thing with the ‘And a Key. I don’t know what it’s for, but you never know.” It’s a special story, but that’s for another time. XD

  2. Great post! The Star Tours video was funny! Thanks for posting it I haven’t seen yet but I have been on the old Star Tour ride a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. 🙂 That “I Love Lucy” was one of the best of the series. And awesome Star Wars and Captain America trailers!

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