Packing and Posting

I’m hurriedly typing this post while we take a break from packing up stuff for Family Camp. We’ll be leaving soon, but I wanted to get those wallpaper pictures up for y’all. Also, I all hope you enjoy tomorrow’s video post that I’ve made in advanced. Thanks, Jedi-Chick, for being available to publish it for me!!!!! 🙂

Here they are! I will look forward to finding your comments when I come home! 🙂

Click on them to make them bigger. 🙂

PS. I stayed up till midnight last night watching How to Train Your Dragon. Two words: LOVED IT! It surpassed my expecations and it was much better than most of my friends had told me! Review and pictures for that movie next movie month for sure! 🙂

~Jamie Joyce

One thought on “Packing and Posting

  1. Haha, no problem! I’ve got a note on my computer, so I remember. 😉

    EEEEE HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love LOVE that movie!!!!!! It is SOOOO good!!!!! I’m glad you finally got to see it!!!! Have fun on your trip, and thanks for posting the wallpapers! 😀

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