The Sorrows and Joys of Growing Up

[What inspired this post was a bunch of Calvin and Hobbes fan art that I found; pics of a teenage Calvin who seems about my age, still holding Hobbes’s paw. All art belong to their owners.]

I’m seventeen years old, an age in which I begin to think that it’s seriously time to finish ‘growing up’. I’m at the age where I should finish letting go of my childish ways and becoming a responsible adult.

At the same time, it’s really hard and sad. Really, it’s so nice being a kid. You don’t have to worry about too much except maybe what you might get for dessert and how late you’ll get to stay up and what your school assignments might be. Kinda like Calvin here; he basically had childhood paradise; a wonderful imagination, a animal friend to share everything with, and two parents who provided all the nessesitties. We all know his toughies were chores, school, the bully and the few weeks before Christmas. While I wasn’t so spoiled or went on such vivid adventures, I had very happy childhood, which was shared with my teddy bear and little sister. Who wouldn’t want to grow out of that

On the other hand, growing up is pretty cool. Driver permits, longer computer hours, bigger freedoms in what you get to watch and read, and more say in what touches your life (with a limit, of course). And as I go through devianART seaching Calvin and Hobbes, the different sketches of teen Calvin really clicked with me. I could identify with him; a teenager still hanging with his childhood friend.

So, you could say I have that constant urge to stay fourteen/fifteen forever, because that’s where the ‘almost perfect’ balance is at. But that’s not possible

All it comes down to is letting go and taking responsibility.

Not that I want to let go of EVERYTHING. Being an adult doesn’t mean sobering up and never goofing off, or enjoying fun movies or visiting fun internet sites. If growing up means becoming a serious prune, than never mind this whole post.

But I think growing up means becoming truly responsible. Not mature; I know plenty of people who are matured but are still young kids. But responsible. Responsible of not just myself but my siblings too. Because someday I’ll have my own children to take of. And this was really cool because I found a couple pictures of Calvin handing Hobbes down to his own daughter. So, in the fandom, Calvin ultimately grew up and moved on, too.

I’m looking forward to having a family of my own; my own man, my own house, my own kids and property. That will be awesome. But to get there, I have to start becoming responsible now. Lord willing, I’ll learn my lessons early. And when I get there, I just know I’ll have something from my own childhood I can pass on to my kiddos. Hopefully they’ll have as much fun as I did.  🙂

~Jamie Joyce


4 thoughts on “The Sorrows and Joys of Growing Up

  1. I refuse to grow up. LOL!! I mean, I will be an adult someday and I’ll act like an adult but, I’ll still have my childish ways.

  2. I started reading Calvin and Hobbes during its initial run. Then I bought the books and read them most nights for the next ten years. I’ve got most of them memorized. If you can find it, look for the comic where Calvin asks his dad about halcyonity. It’s appropriate to your post… especially your reference to 14-15 being the ideal age.

    For years, my ideal age was three to five years before my current age. Then it got stuck at 19. And now, it’s now. Halcyonity is relative.

    1. Thank you for the information; I will look for that one! 🙂 I love meeting people who love the same things that I do. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

      ~Jamie Joyce

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