Whacky Days

The weeks are getting whackier; Mom and Dad are still working on the New York Trip plans and Kayla and I are hanging on a limb waiting to hear if we’re going to Family Camp this year or not. We’re hoping so, because we love hanging with the H kids so much.

We’ve adjusted at our new church and are getting to know the kids well. There are two boys that are exactly our ages and love the same exact things, so we’re having a blast getting to know them better. The real cool thing about them is that they live about five minutes away from our house. I could probably bike to their house in about ten minutes if I knew where it was.

I’ve been broadening my view of Disney and Pixar movies recently. I just finished watching Tarzan and Wall-E. I have the Hunchback of Notre Dam for my next viewing and than I would like to see Bolt.

Tarzan was beautiful but awfully strange at the same time; I loved Jane though. She’s so beautiful and realistic, her accent is great to listen to, as well. I loved her dad, too, and the relationship they had. Kerchek scared the life out of me.

Wall-E was cute but I understood why it flunked the box office. Eve was hilarious and the little cleaning robot was my favorite. I was not for all the fat humans though–that was kinda gross.  But I still enjoyed it, and it was really fun. I keep mentally referring to all the robots as ‘droids’ though.

I’m happy to report that nearly all the questions you guys asked, have been answered and turned into posts; they are all sitting in my drafts folder waiting for November! I’m very pleased with myself for getting them done so soon. I have several more I still need to do, and I also need to make up some for October now….

I need to sign off now; hope you all are having a great day! 🙂

~Jamie Joyce

4 thoughts on “Whacky Days

  1. Am excited about New York. Am breathless for Family Camp. Am Skeptical about Tarzan. Am Disappointed with WALLE.

  2. That’s great that you’ve made new friends at church. I love meeting people that enjoy the same things I do.

    I love Tarzan!!! Jane is so funny. I thought Wall-E was good but I can’t watch it over and over like I do with some movies. Yes, I call them droids too. 😉

    I hope you like Hunchback of Notre Dame. Personally, that movie really freaked me out but, you might like it. I haven’t watched it in years so maybe it was just one of those things that was scary as a kid.

    1. Yes, that always makes it much eaiser! They like Star Wars!


      I think I will; I know it’s based after a book, so that should make it extra good. 🙂

      ~Jamie Joyce

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