Threepio’s isn’t that bad. . . . is he?

One of my favorite characters from Star Wars is C-3PO (or Threepio). I and my sister love the way he talks, the way he walks, and all the comedic relief he supplies in such a natural way.

We have one problem though. Just about all our friends from church despise him.  They call him whiny. They call him mean and rude. And that’s he such a whimp. And then they stare at us with shock when we say, “We like Threepio”.

I’m about to give the reasons why Kayla and I love Threepio–as a sort of defense to both ourselves and him.

Threepio may seem whiny and whimpy on the outside. But there are a few things you have to understand about him to see why it’s completely alright for him to be like that.

He’s a robot. He doesn’t have a soul or a brain to help him logically balance things out or to not be afraid. Being a machine made out of working parts, he needs to always be on his toes about the climate or where he is for his own safety. That’s why I don’t find a problem with him complaining about the sand in his joints or how his parts feel frozen, or how dangerous it would be to fly through a field of astroids. If he is going to stay in existence, he needs to be aware of what’s affecting his parts and being. And all this helps with part of the comedy relief he brings, because our other characters have bigger things to worry about. But than again, they’re not robots.

Threepio agrues with Artoo A LOT. This is all suppose to be part of the comedy relief as well. But I looked deeper into it. We all can understand what Threepio says. But we never know what Artoo says unless Threepio responds or translate. So how do we not know that Artoo is just as rude to Threepio as Threepio is to him. Threepio is generally polite to all how are polite to him. So, you can harp on Threepio for being rude, but if you do, you need also include Artoo. I know it’s hard to do that too him because Artoo makes himself more useful that Threepio. But I think my point still stands.

These two points Kayla and I figured out, and they completely make sense to us. And we reassure each other after we have a round with our friends over him. In fact, I’ve only had one person in real life actually admit “He’s funny! I like him!” and it was very nice to hear that we’re weren’t the only two in the world who like Threepio.

Here’s what I want to ask you, my Star Wars buddies. Do you like Threepio? Did any of the above make logical sense? Are we complete freaks for like him? ARE WE THE ONLY ONES???

Glad to finally get that off my chest.

~Jamie Joyce

I’m linking to my last droid post HERE.


11 thoughts on “Threepio’s isn’t that bad. . . . is he?

  1. Nope, not complete freaks. I love Threepio!!!! My sister hates him, and is constantly bashing him, but I LOVE him!!!! 😀 He’s funny, and he and Artoo are sweet. XD I like how Han Solo and Threepio have a dislike for each other (though it’s rather one-sided since Threepio doesn’t exactly feel anything.) LOL!!! Great post! 😀

  2. C-3PO is, and always has been, my favorite character from the Star Wars movies. I love robots, especially the droids from the Star Wars universe and Threepio is tops in my book. I agree with everything you’ve said here and those who call Threepio “whiny” need to keep in mind that C-3PO is primarily a protocol droid and translator. His primary functions are to interact with dignitaries, or facilitate business dealings between various alien parties. He is more or less an “indoor” droid, and not a rough and tumble unit like R2-D2 or some kind of battle droid. He is the “out of place” element in the movies, the character who has the least business being involved in large battles and covert assaults, and in that respect he has a right to complain a little. However he does have his heroic moments in the films and the fact that he soldiers on and helps get the job done despite being out of place, shows where his true loyalties and characteristics are centered.

  3. Threepio is the best of the none human beings in the Star Wars saga, closely followed by Chewie of course. That’s what I think.

  4. I’m not C3PO’s biggest fan but, I don’t hate him either. I’d much rather listen to C3PO rant for hours and hours than hear Jar-Jar say one sentence.

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