Pixar Picks: Toy Story

Would you believe that my sister and I hadn’t seen any of the Toy Stories until this August? I know—I couldn’t believe what I’d been missing out, either. And I can recommend this completely, because we both enjoyed it tremendously.

Woody is hilarious—but also a serious toy. All his devotion goes to his friends, but more importantly to his owner, Andy. I love the ‘ANDY’ on his boot, a mark of who his identity is. He’s brave and dependable, and willing to risk limb for a fellow toy in need or in trouble.

Buzz is a super cool toy–and a great friend. He’s anything but annoying when he still believes he is the ‘Buzz Lightyear’ though—his spanish mode is more entertaining though, than annoying. He is brave and a natural leader. He, too, is also willing to risk his own safety for friends in need of help.

The rest of the gang are classic. I liked Jessie, but didn’t love her immensely or anything. She came off loud and rather hyper.  But she was a good friend, too. Bullseye was my favorite from number two–he was so expressive with his eyes.

Mr Potato Head was a favorite of mine because I had one of those when I was really young. So kinda felt a little connection with him. His sarcasm was great. And Mrs Potato Head was perfect for him. Her voice was awesome.

The little aliens were cute and they’re constant “You have saved our lives. We are enternaly grateful!” repeat was hilarious. I think it’s funny Mrs Potato Head wanted to adopt them. 😛

And Ken and Barbie completely stole the show in number three as far as I’m concern. I’d always imagined the Barbie Doll as some kinda feministic, loud, sassy creature that was rather a flirt–and Ken was supposedly a freak accessory in her line of merchandise. In the film they weren’t anything like that, so it was funny seeing them portrayed differently. Barbie was actually cute and Ken was super hilarious. Among some of my new favorites, they are.

Okay, I have gotten all my Toy Story love out. *breaths deeply* I feel a Monsters Inc coming on though. . . . . .

~Jamie Joyce


5 thoughts on “Pixar Picks: Toy Story

  1. Oh my. You’ve yet again found something I am in LOVE with. XD
    This summer I watched Toy Story 1, 2 and 3. With my cousin. We watched them and laughed hysterically, and then sobbed incredibly hysterically. I love all those pictures Jamie!!!! 😀 And I totally agree. 😉
    I can’t find anything annoying about any of these characters honestly. I find them all absolutely wonderful and hilarious, and sweet. 😉 I loved everything about the Pixar movies! I’ve seen every single one to date! 😀

  2. These are probably my favorite Pixar films ever! It’s hard to decide if I like Buzz or Woody better.
    I like Jessie better I think in 3 than 2. 🙂 and Barbie and Ken were hilarious- and I can’t stop laughing over Mrs. Potato Head and the aliens.
    It’s funny, when I was little I was cowboy crazy… till I saw Star Wars! Now all I buy are “space toys!” : I feel so guilty! LOL.

  3. Awesome blog post, Jamie!! I’ve been watching the movies since they first came out….many years ago. I love all of the Toy Story movies but #3 is my favorite. I also love how Ken and Barbie were portrayed. They are so cute!!

    1. @Jedi Chick; I hope you blog it! 🙂

      @ Kayla {hugs}

      @Savanna I wish I had grown up seeing them—I did think it was funny that older Andy and I are the same age, though. 😛

      @ J&J Will do!

      ~Jamie Joyce

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