Aren’t They a Scream

Calvin and Hobbes comic strips are something I will never get tired out. Hobbes is so adorable and fuzzy (and he’s a tiger, my favorite animal.) Calvin, he’s hilarious. I found some of my favorites last night, so I figured I’d share them. 🙂

I really have to hand it to Calvin’s parents. To live with a hyperactive, imaginative, six year old is tough (as shown by the many comic strips). Calvin’s dad especially is able to keep most of his marbles together most of the time. His poor mom, however . . . 😛

I’ve known what’s it’s like to be in company of horror boys so I can often identify with Susie. Being his next door neighbor must be tough. But for a quiet obediant girl his own age, Susie has tricks up her own sleeve which she knows how to use. I seriously think she’s as smart as Calvin is. We just don’t see it as often because she’s not acting crazy like he does.

This is one of my top favorites ever. When I was younger I was really picky (Mom would say I still am picky), and certain things I just couldn’t choke down. Greenbeans were the worst (I still can’t stand them—but I have a pass from Mom that I can skip them whenever they’re served as long as I eat every single other vegetable she serves, which means I choke down brussel sprouts every once and a while.) The trick that Calvin’s parents use on him sometimes probably wouldn’t have worked on me though. Calvin’s a boy, and boys are into gross things like . . . monkey heads. 😛

I feel sorry for his mother sometimes. 😛

ROFL that’s a good one. Sometimes I feel like that–“uh, isn’t it obvious?”

And one more….

I think I’m going to have to do a whole post dedicated to all of Calvin’s snow scupltures…. 😛

~Jamie Joyce



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