Favorite Film Couples

Errol Flynn and Olivia De Haviland as Robin Hood and Maid Marain. Although, anything with these two are simple adorable.

I have seen three of their movies together (and four of Flynn’s). It always seems wrong when he’s paired with another lady other than Olivia. They did eight movies together and I’m planning on seeing them all.

John Wayne and Marueen O Harra make a lively couple that seem to always butt heads. They did five films together and Kayla told me that she read somewhere that Mareen was Wayne’s favorite lady to work with. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen at least four of their films.

Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher as Han Solo and Princess Leia. CUTEST couple ever! Complete opposites and a beautiful romance! I love what you get when you mix two personalities like theirs together!

What’s best is that they play the SAME couple in THREE movies! I just love those two. 🙂

Little House on the Prairie was my childhood. I remember when I was very young loving Ma and Pa throughout the series. They respected and loved each other so much; and they always had something encouraging to say to the girls. While what I loved most was Laura and Mary battling off with Nellie and Willie, the series would have been so different if Ma and Pa had been portrayed differently or by different actors.

Now for the animated couples.

OMG top favorite ever. They’re so beautiful, and they’re story is top notch!!!! Favorite forever.

I’ve loved 101 Dalmations ever since I was a little girl, so Roger and Anita have been favorites for a very long time. They’re playful and sarcastic and loving to each other through out the whole film. I think I want a relationship much like there’s.

Bernard and Bianca from the Rescuers 1 and 2. They’re the cutest animal couple I’ve ever seen. I love the feminine confindence of Miss Bianca and Bernard’s humble attitude.

They’re seriously adorable and I wish they’re films were better known. It often seems that Disney’s better are the one’s underrated.

I think I said somewhere on another post that out of all the Disney Princesses and Prince couples, these two are by far the cutest.

And that wraps up my post. 🙂

~Jamie Joyce



9 thoughts on “Favorite Film Couples

  1. AHHH!!!!!!!!!!! *dies*
    I totally agree with all the Animated Couples, especially Flynn and Rapunzel. 😉
    AND YES ON HAN AND LEIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 *faints*

    Little House On The Prairie. Jamie, I stayed up until 6:30 in the MORNING watching that show. Seriously. My little sister was sick, and I was not tired, so I stayed up watching reruns of Little House on the Prairie. I AM IN LOVE WITH THAT SERIES NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ma and Pa were so adorable. I loved how much….in love they were with each other!!!!!!! 😀 I saw a ton of episodes, and I thought that they were so cute, and now I want to see more of them!!!! XD

    Great post my friend, I really enjoyed it. 😉 Mind if I steal the idea someday? 😉

    1. LOL, I love your long comments! 😛

      I know, I really want to get the first few series again and see them all again!!!!

      No, help yourself! I’d love to see all of your favorites (although I can surely guess who some of them are! :PPP)

      ~Jamie Joyce

  2. I love this post! I’m going to do this too maybe! I love all those couples too, though I could care less about Bearnard and Bianca. 😛

  3. Should get the Robin Hood with Errol Flynn in it 🙂
    Han Solo and Leia ❤ !!!
    Rapunzel and Flynn "Why is he staring at me?" Gotta love that line.
    And Belle and the beast are awesome too!!! Though I actually like the beast better before he turns into a Prince becuase he is like soooooooooooooooo different! 🙂

    1. You should see it! Let me know if you do. 🙂


      I like him better as a beast too, but I happened to LOVE that picture, so I used it instead. 🙂

      ~Jamie Joyce

  4. Awesome!! I love The Rescuers too!! They are so adorable.

    In response to your comment on my blog…
    I’m not kidding when I say this, I JUST emailed Ashley’s associates about the interview. I’m still waiting on them. The Season 4 premiere is only 10 days away so I’m getting very anxious.

    1. LOL, I did consider them, but Peggy isn’t exactly my favorite heroine–I do like her, though.

      There is practically nothing wrong with Steve though… 😛

      ~Jamie Joyce

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