Two Knights and a Princess: 75 Questions

As I get ready for NaNoWriMo, I’ve been trying to get the plot lines straightened out in my head. I was thinking in bed last night that maybe it’d be a good idea to do the 75 Questions again since I have done one of those in a while. And it would help me write down some of my thoughts. I know a few of you are interested in the story so you can benefit from this as well 🙂

1. What’s your word count?

I do have a little written already but I’ve got no idea how much. Only one or two chapters.
2. How long until you finish? Rough draft, done or edited versions…be my guest!
Hopefully the rough draft will be finished by November 30th. 🙂
3. If you have finished, how long did it take you?
4. Do you have an outline?
Actually, yes, I do have part of it outlined in a notebook. Which is unusual because I don’t normally outline my stories.
5. Do you have a plot?
ROFL wouldn’t it be sad if someone wrote ‘no’. How can you write a story without a plot?!?!?!?!?
6. How many words do you typically write a day?
7. What was your greatest word count in one day?
8. What was your least impressive word count in one day?
9. What inspired you to write?
10. Does your novel have a theme song?
The novel it’s self does not have a theme song because I’ve yet to find one.
11. Assign each of your major characters a theme song.

“Merchant Prince” is Lavina’s theme and “Ocean Princess” is Lavington’s theme. They are the most awesome pieces of music you will ever hear, written by Thomas Bergersen. Listen to them HERE and HERE.
12. Which character is most like you?
Probably non of them that come to mind..
13. Which character would you most likely be friends with?
14. Do you have a Gary-Stu or Mary Sue character?
I have a feeling that Lavington will be my Gary-Stu. I’m having such a hard time giving him a balance of wonderful hero but also flawed human. *bangs head on wall*
15. Who is your favorite character in your novel?
I think Lavina or Derek will be my favorite. I’m so excited about Derek’s growing role in the story! (He is Lavina’s ‘guard’ while she’s held prisoner. He ends up helping her).
16. Have your characters ever done something completely unexpected?
I will have Lavington do some unexpected things…..
17. Have you based any of your novel directly on personal experiences?
Heavens, no. This is all out of my head.
18. Do you believe in plot bunnies ?
Sure. They happen all the time.
19. Is there magic in your novel?
No. It’s a strict rule for me that while I’ll write some fantasy, I will not use magic.
20. Are any holidays celebrated in your novel?
21. Does anyone die?
Yes, actually. In fact, three people are planned to die. Which is very out of character for me because I never want to kill anyone.
22. How many cups of coffee/tea have you consumed during your writing experience?
23. What is the latest you have stayed up writing?
24. What is the best line?
25. What is the worst line?
26. Have you dreamed about your novel or its characters?
27. Does your novel rely heavily on allegory?
Not heavily, but it does. While I want people to be able to see the similairites between Lavington and Lavina with Christ and the church, I don’t want the whole book to be held up against allegory, because otherwise some things will seem backward.
28. Summarize your novel in under fifteen words.
A knight battles across kingdom to rescue his kidnapped wife from a tyrant’s crushing claws.
29. Do you love all your characters?
LOL yeah except for Donna. She is going to be the annoying character in this story. I haven’t written anything with her yet but I despise her already.
30. Have you done something sadistic or cruel to your characters specifically to increase your word count?
31. What was the last thing your main character ate?
32. Describe your main character in three words.
Lavina and Lavington share equeal roles. Lavina is quiet, strong and clever. Lavington and bold, gentlemanly and tough.
33. What would your antagonist dress up as for Halloween?
34. Does anyone in your story go to a place of worship?
Mmmm, this I’m not sure….
35. How many romantic relationships take place in your novel?
Well, there’s Lavington and Lavina of course. They get married at the begginning of the book. The villain Rockwell( the kidnapper) has false feelings for a polictally leader’s daughter (Donna) but she really thinks he cares about her.
36. Are there any explosions in your novel?
Still weighing that….
37. Is there an apocalypse in your novel?
38. Does your novel take place in a post-apocalyptic world?
39. Are there zombies, vampires or werewolves in your novel?
LOL, no. It is fantasy, but it’s doesn’t have anything really weird.
40. Are there witches, wizards or mythological creatures/figures in your novel?
On the whim I decided dragons where going to have a large part in the story. When Lavington decides to go after Lavina, he and his company join up with a traveling caravan, who are willing to let them come along disguised. The carvan animals are all dragons. Which means I’ve decided that tame dragons play a part in the kingdom’s society. Tame dragons can be ride, or they can carry things or pull wagons, ect. The wild ones are dangerous and left alone.
41. Is anyone reincarnated?
No, I don’t think so.
42. Is anyone physically ailed?
This actually might be interesting if I did something like this.
43. Is anyone mentally ill?
Derek, a young man who is at the top with the other bad guys, is being driven crazy by dreams and memories of how he let down either his sister or his wife (which ever one I go with died). This is what ultimately softens his heart to Lavina and he helps her.
44. Does anyone have swine flu?
45. Who has pets in your novel and what are they?
Well, he’s not really a pet, but Lavington has a really smart and beautiful horse who has been bred to near perfection. I’ve give the horse a good part in the story.
46. Are there angels, demons, or any religious references/figures in your novel?
Not sure here again…
47. How about political figures?
Yes, there are plitical figures, specifically Rockwell because he’s trying to take over the kingdom while the King is absent. He is building an army of knights to either force the citezens of the Kingdom to kneel or to destroy them if they don’t.
48. Is there incessant drinking?
Uhhhhhh, no.
49. Are there board games? If so, which ones?
50. Are there any dream sequences?
Yes; I thinking of giving Derek a couple….
51. Is there humor?
This is going to be hard to do because this is such a serious book, so I’m not positive.
52. Is there tragedy?
Oh yes, but I better save it of the story.
53. Does anyone have a temper tantrum?
Donna will probably throw a few.
54. How many characters end up single at the end of your novel?
55. Is anyone in your novel adopted?
Both Lavington and Lavina’s real parents are dead, but it’s not like they’re not in the story. They’re always being mentioned and both young people really respect their parents’ legacys. Both have been taken care of by their gaurdians who were their parents’ best friends.
56. Does anyone in your novel wear glasses?
57. Has your novel provided insight about your life?
58. Your personality?
59. Has your novel inspired anyone?
60. How many people have asked to read your novel?
One person has–she’ll probably be the first to read it as she’ll be getting it in peices as I write it. 🙂
61. Have you drawn any of your characters?
No, but I have designed some of Lavina’s outfits on some dress-up doll websites.
62. Has anyone drawn your characters for you
63. Does anyone vomit in your novels?
64. Does anyone bleed in your novel?
Yes, of corse.
65. Do any of your characters watch TV?
LOL TV does not exist!
66. What size shoe does your main character wear?
Go no idea.
67. Do any of the characters in your novel use a computer?
COMPUTERS do not exist!
68. How would you react if your novel was erased entirely?
I would horrified, but like I said, Rebekah will be recieving it as it gets written, so I will be on someone else’s computer too.
69. Did you cry at killing off any of your characters?
I have not gotten that far yet, but depending on which one’s; maybe.
70. Did you cheer when killing off one of your characters?
LOL, I might if I kill Rockwell!
71. What advice would you give to a fellow writer.
Press forward in your writing, even if it’s tiny steps ever few months. Tiny steps in a few months can get you to were I am at, which is in a challenge to get it completed.
72. Describe your ending in three words.
73. Are there any love triangles, squares, hexagons, etc.?
74. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the least stressful, 10 being the most) how does your stress pan out.
I will have to answer this question after November….
75. Was it worth it?

It will be worth it!!!!!!!

~Jamie Joyce

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