Women’s Work Is Never Done

This is the title of my largest cross stitch project. I’ve got it started and have finished the center picture. When I finish it, Mom and I might frame it so I can hang it somewhere when in my new home when I get married.

As you can see, I have finished ‘Sunday Rest’ and I’m working on ‘Monday Wash’. Since this picture was taken, I have outlined the bubbles and stitched in the patchwork quilt hanging out of the tub. I still need to do the washboard. 🙂

This is a close up of what I have finished. Once I finish ‘Monday Wash’, I probably iron the whole thing so it stays crisp. 🙂 I’ll post more pictures later when I have more complete. 😀

~Jamie Joyce


8 thoughts on “Women’s Work Is Never Done

  1. Very cool!! I can’t wait to see it when it’s all finished.

    I’ve always wanted to learn how to cross stitch. It looks like fun!!

    1. Thank you; I can’t either!

      It’s very easy to learn; you should try it some day. Just make sure to start with something simple! 😀

      ~Jamie Joyce

  2. Have fun!!!!!!! I love love LOVE Cross stitching!!!!! 😀 My mom has done things like that before! 😉 have fun doing it and be sure to post pictures!!!!! I want to do a new cross stitch project. 😉

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