The Disclaimers

I’m not sure where I got this idea, but I like it. I call it ‘The Disclaimers’. Because, I am this or I do that. But it doesn’t automatically include me with something else. I addressed some well-known categories like ‘homeschooling’ and some that I just wanted to address because it’s who I am. If you like the idea, try doing it your self, or take one of the buttons I’ve already made. The program I used to make these is free and you can find it HERE.

There seems to be some idea out in the world that being a lady is terrible. And that being a lady must be such a burden and you must not know how to do anything. I love being a lady but it certainly doesn’t make incapable of anything!

I feel sorry for the people I come across who say that they only learned to like reading because of Harry Potter. I’m sorry, but if it takes books with witchcraft in them to get you like reading, well, that says a lot. That was not meant as a insult to anybody, I am only pointing out something rather eyebrow-raising. If you still want to comment with your outraged thoughts, please feel free to do so, but only with dignity and self control. 😀

Nor does it make me a hippie sympathizer. I wear tie-dye because it is fun, colorful and fun. XP Please do not look at me strange.

This is very true. And I get tired hearing from people on and off the internet about how hard it is to do things in skirts. I’ve heard people say it’s impossible to run or work in them and it’s simply not true. My everyday attire is a skirt that drops down to my middle calf, and I can do just about everything in them. It’s true that if you wear more formfitting skirts that you can’t run very well; so that’s why you always want to wear loose, flowing skirts. Sure sometimes I trip on the stairs, but heck, I just have to remember to pick them up. 😛 Besides, I feel so feminine and modest in them. It feels good to know that I’m being modest in a immodest world and that I’m saving myself for my future Prince Courage.

This one is extremely true for me. I haven’t even seen a Austin movie, much less read one of her books. And sometimes it seems like I’m the only one who hasn’t. Thankfully, I came across THIS post that allowed me to know I wasn’t the only girl who had gotten carried away by the regency era. Again, no offense to anybody. I am certainly more open to the Jane Austin fandom than Harry Potter any day!

It might surprise some that, while I’m deathly in love with the Star War trilogy, I’m not a huge fan of science fiction at all. And often times I feel pressured to be a solid lover of sci-fi fiction and know all about it because of my claimed love of Star Wars.But, seriously, I’m not a sci-fi geek and I don’t want to be either. I’m content with just being a Star Wars geek at best. (I HAVE been called that in my face once! A friend at church just laughed at my Rebel Symbol necklace and said, “Star Wars Geek” right at me! Twas the best compliment I’d recieved in years!)

That wraps up my ‘Disclaimers’ post. I’ll probably make more as I think of them, so maybe a second post will come along eventually. What about you all? Do you often feel misunderstood or placed automatically under a category just because you like a certain thing or are a certain thing? Have fun doing a post like this, to let everyone know that you can not just be classified like everyone else. You are you and you are different. That’s a good thing.

~Jamie Joyce


18 thoughts on “The Disclaimers

  1. Cool. I loved all your disclaimers. I do some too!
    1. I love clean dishes, I don’t enjoy washing them!
    2. I am homeschooled, no I don’t like to read!
    3. I love Princess Leia, no I am not a feminist!
    4. I love dogs, no I don’t like doggy kisses!
    LOL! how did you like these, Jamie?

    1. LOL, those are good. Not quite the same, but still good. I really like number 3. I’m actually in the middle of writing about her for November. 😛

      ~Jamie Joyce

      1. Kayla, #2 is definitely me. I don’t really enjoy reading (other than the Bible). I’d much rather watch a movie. 🙂

      2. @ Savanna
        That’s how I feel too! Glad to know I’m not alone in not liking to read.

  2. This was a great post Jamie! 🙂 I am definitely going to do some of these. 😉

    I agree about the skirts. XD My wardrobe consists of pants (jeans), shorts (past me knee thank you very much), and skirts. Yes, my mom MAKES my skirts, yes, I RUN in my skirts. I LOVE my skirts. And I have no stairs to trip on. XDDDDD My skirts make me feel so pretty and feminine! 😀

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pride and Prejudice. 🙂 That is the only Jane Austen thing I have seen or read. I am reading the novel for school. I love it. It’s beautiful. :3

    I have to agree with the Sci-Fi geek thing. XDDD I like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and a few Superhero comic things….but that is it. I don’t like Doctor Who, or Star Trek, or Battlestar Galactica or anything like that. 😛

    ugh. YES on the Harry Potter thing. I dislike Harry Potter strongly. I always have. Its not just the witchcraft part of it….something else about it is just……irritating to me. (NO OFFENSE to anyone who likes it, I just have a different opinion!!) I read a book series called Septimus Heap which was similar to Harry Potter in MANY ways, but MUCH BETTER!!!!!! It had wizards and such, but it was very much a family story too. I LOVED it. SO MUCH. 😀
    Harry Potter did NOT start my love for reading. I started Kindergarten reading Junie B. Jones. XD I haven’t really read Harry Potter. I tried the first book, and COULDN’T EVEN GET PAST THE FIRST THREE PAGES. >.>

    Anywho, I will be doing this! 😀 Thanks for the great post ideas Jamie!

    1. I can’t wait to see it.

      The witchcraft is enough to chase me away from the series. 😛

      I’ve loved to read since I learned. I was four. 😛

      Thanks for the super long comment, I loved it! HUGS, 😀 ❤

      ~Jamie Joyce

  3. Those are awesome!! I love the ti-die and Star Wars ones. Star Wars is my only geeky obsession. Like Jedi~Chick said, I don’t watch Doctor Who, Star Trek, or Battlestar Gallactica……………and I definitely do not like Harry Potter. I like what you said about the witchcraft, that’s why I don’t read the HP books.

    Have a great day!!


  4. Those are fantastic!

    I have recently become quite the skirt wearer. They’re very comfy, especially on warm days (you know, a shocking 80 degrees 🙂 That’s considered hot here!) And yes, you can do anything in a skirt.

    By the way, I love your current header! Those cupcakes look delectable.

  5. I do enjoy wearing skirts but since winter set in I have favored my jeans because I don’t have to wear tights and I think that because they don’t swirl around like a skirt that it is lot warmer. When it is summer though I’ll probably be wearing them more 😀

    Yeah, and I have to agree with about the Harry Potter books I mean “witchcraft” come on!!!
    The biggest first books I ever read were a series called Rangers Apprentice by a Austrailian author and I remember having to try to start to read a few times because it just seemed hard to read it. I never, ever want to read Harry Potter or Twiligiht or anything else bad because there are plenty of other awesome, cool and intersting books not to get started with witchcraft and vampires. 😉

    I’m not a big fan of sci-fiction either except star wars. 🙂 Everything else I like is useally fantasy. 🙂
    Wow!! Super looooooooong comment!!!

    1. I love long comments!

      I completely agree about the Harry Potter/Twilight thing.

      I agree with the pants in winter too. Being in the desert, our winters are warmer (no snow, ever) so I can still wear skirts all year round. 🙂

      ~Jamie Joyce

  6. Hey!! great blog!!! I recently found it! 😀

    GAAH I will NEVER EVER read/watch Harry Potter!!!!! The Bible says to stay away from witchcraft and that’s what I plan to do!!!

    I love tie dye. xD But I’m definatly no hippie.

    I LOVE SKIRTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! My closet consists of mainly skirts. Though I wear them not because I am forced to, but from a personal choice. I think wearing skirts helps a woman act like a woman. I mean, when you’re wearing a lovely skirt of any type, don’t you sit a little taller, a little straighter, and carry yourself with dignity? And this is coming from a girl who USED to wear pants every day to school. I much perfer a skirt.

    I love Jane Austen. XD Well, correction, I love Pride and Prejudice. I’ve watched some of Jane’s others works, and truthfully, I didn’t like any of it.

    I LOVE Star wars, but I am NOT a sy-fy fan. I found out fast that a lot of the sy-fy stuff out there has a lot of questionable stuff in it. Plus I think of Star wars as Science Fantasy, not science fiction. 😉

    ~~~Leia Skywalker~~~

    1. Hi, and thanks for huge encouraging comment–and welcome! I’m glad to know there are others who believe the same as I do! Thanks so much! 🙂

      ~Jamie Joyce

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