I’ve Got a Question for You

I was thinking. Vellvin tipped me off in the previous post that I probably would be very busy in Nov with nanowrimo; probably busy enough that I wouldn’t have enough brain power to do good posts. And I don’t want this blog to go dead for a little while, because I hate it when blogs I like go dead.

So, I got this brilliant idea. If you all leave questions for me in the comment area below, I’ll save them for Nov and use them as post triggers. Not only will I be able to keep the blog going while I write my book, but I’ll be able to blog about things you guys want to know about. So, think of it this way. For each question you leave below, there is one more garunteed post for the upcoming month of November.

Please, do not be shy about what you ask me (although super private questions won’t be answered, but I don’t believe any of you would ask questions like that anyway!) I’m open to questions on my beliefs in how I believe, political or religious. I’d love  to see questions on my fav movies (if you have questions about how I got into Star Wars or simply would like to request Star Wars posts, that’s fine too). I’m open to just about anything. Oh, and it would be great if you could keep is specific. 🙂

I’m also planning on a selection of themed picture posts. I’ll have one on my favorite color, or Ferris wheels, or cupcakes, or anything that I have a variety of pictures.  I might even have a guest poster or two (that would be extreme, but also fun!)

Please feel free to ask me anything at all. If you don’t have questions now, come back and leave some if you think of any later. 🙂

~Jamie Joyce


12 thoughts on “I’ve Got a Question for You

  1. What do you think about the president?
    Are you racist?
    What do you think about Kate and Nate inc.?
    More questions later.

  2. 🙂 Awesome. Okay, first off, GREAT idea for November. My blog(s) will probably go dead while I do my novel. XDD Unless I find a bit of time at 2am to type up a post. 😛

    Who is your favorite Star Wars ‘man’? Like how I am in love with Luke Skywalker….who would you pick as your ‘SW Man’?

    If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?

    Are you a conservative, republican, or democrat? What are your ‘values’ when it comes to politics? (xD Sorry, I am very /involved/ (not really INVOLVED involved, but I am informed) in politics and am always interested to find out what other girls around my age think.) 😉

    What is your favorite color, animal, time of year? o.o xD

    If I come up with more, I’ll let you know. 🙂

    1. Aww, I hope they don’t go completely dead. If you want, I can leave you some questions too. I’m planning on writing most of them ahead of time and leaving them in the drafts folder. That way, all I have to do later is click ‘Publish’. 😛

      WOW, super great questions! I love the first one! XP

      Thanks so much!

      Love, Jamie

  3. Do you enjoy to drawing or writing better?
    What are some of your favorite music artists?
    If you could only go to three places in the world and than come home where would they be?
    Would Robin Hood have replaced Star Wars if you had seen Star Wars before Robin Hood? 🙂 (Couldn’t resist)
    Are you very big on Super Heroes?
    Those are all I can think of now if I think of any other questions I’ll come back 🙂
    Love, Vellvin.

  4. Heehee My blog is “dead” isn’t it! lol It’s about to come back to life soon though… hopefully! :p

    I don’t have any questions that I can think of……….. right now anyway. :p

    To the KING be all the glory!

    1. Your blog has been dead for quite a while! 😛 When you’re ready to start posting on it, let me know so that I’ll know I need to come over! LOL

      ~Jamie Joyce

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