What I Do When Trying to Relax

I look at pictures. I love a awesome picture post on my favorite blog, or a gold mine of vintage shots on a Tumblr.

Normally I have some music playing–whether the latest composition of a friend, the to-be-famous Gabriel Hudelson, my favorite score off of my playlists, or melodies with lyrics like ‘So Long’ ‘Daydreams’ ‘Safe’ and ‘Toy Trumpet’.

And that is how I often relax in my spare time. Other things I do is work on one of my many books, visit my favorite blogs, read a new book, or blog. 🙂 And my newest relaxation will be playing Bejeweled 3. I just bought it today at Office Max, so I’m really excited. I love that game a ton; has anyone else played it?

So, that’s how I relax. But seriously; I think my most favorite is finding pictures. It’s like stepping into another world without getting out of your chair.

~Jamie Joyce


12 thoughts on “What I Do When Trying to Relax

  1. I love cute pictures too. I’ve played Bejeweled! I guess you knew that.
    When I am relaxing, I lay down and daydream about my future block busters, or else I dance to Julie Andrews music.

  2. What is “Bejeweled”? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it.

    I usually listen to music to relax or I play the piano. It depends on *why* I want to relax! 😀

    To the KING be all the glory!

    1. It’s matching jewels up–which sound s really dull like that; maybe I’ll do a post on it! 😛

      Speaking of piano, I need to keep up my playing…

      ~Jamie Joyce

      1. Oh! On the computer? I think I might know what you’re talking about…

        When was the last time that you played?

        To the KING be all the glory!

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