I’m So Tired Of

… all this Harry Potter nonsense.*

Besides . . . . :

There. I feel better already.

~Jamie Joyce

*No offense meant to you Harry Potter fans.


12 thoughts on “I’m So Tired Of

  1. Girl, you and me both! *hugs*

    Star Wars will live forever. Harry Potter will grow outdated within a few years. 😉 This post is awesome.

    No offense to any of my Harry lovin’ friends. XD

  2. Four of us!!! Harry Potter may be for some people, but it just isn’t my thing (except the music for the movies is awesome- John Williams is that way… Isn’t it funny that he did the score to both Harry Potter and Star Wars? Just saying…)

    Star Wars is superior and always will be. And besides, you really can’t go wrong with a character like Yoda. He’s what really won me over I think.

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