Oh, How I Love Good Characters

The Aristocats
Mary Poppins and Bert (especially Bert)
Han, Leia, Luke, Threepio, Artoo, and Chewie; they go without saying
Mickey (and the gang!)
Roger and Anita
Hercule Poirot
Maria and the rest of the Von Traps
Bernard and Bianca
Sherlock Holmes
Belle and the Beast

Who do you like? Tell me, or better yet, do your own blog post cataloging some of your favorite film characters. Be sure to leave me a link if you do do one–don’t feel pressured! 😀 Anyway, now you know some of mine. 🙂

~Jamie Joyce


7 thoughts on “Oh, How I Love Good Characters

  1. My favorites are the Star Wars Trilogy Gang! Poirot, Holmes, Charlie Chan, Wimsy, Marple and all the sidekicks come after that. Of course the Andy Taylor Gang from the Andy Griffith shows are great. The Lone Ranger and Tonto, Lucy and Ethel, all those black and white friends!
    (I sorta outdid myself here but I HAVE to mention G.W.Mclintock, Kathrine, Dev, Rebecca, Mrs. Warren and all those guys! They’re great characters! And Draggo.)
    Okay. I shut up now.

  2. Awesome post! 😉 I’ll definitely do a post, but not right now, because I am in the middle of a Family post thing, where I do posts on my parents, cousin, sister, etc. XD

    I definitely will though!!! 😀 It looks like fun!

  3. My favorite movie Characters not in order. Darth Vader, Han Solo ,Indiana Jones, James Bond, Any Star Wars character, Samwise Gamgee, Spider-Man, Captain America, Obi-Wan, Luke Skywalker, Neo (he is from The Matrix movies) T-800 Terminator, Gandalf, Goldfinger, Magneto, Boba Fett, Iron Man and many other movie characters.

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