Singin’ in the Rain; a Film Review

“SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN’s story is well known, and concerns 1920s silent romantic acting team Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) and Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen.) Trouble is that sound is coming in–and Lina’s speaking voice could peel paint off the wall. The solution? Don’s best friend (Donald O’Connor) and love interest (Debbie Reynolds) have the inspiration of revamping Lockwood and Lamont’s debut sound film as a musical, with Reynolds dubbing Hagen’s vocals. The resulting story is a high-energy, extremely witty, and truly sparkling film laced with period songs by Arthur Freed, a film that many regard as the single finest musical to emerge from Hollywood.”

First Thoughts: My first thoughts was that it was a classic and that I hoped it wouldn’t be too disappointing. But I turned out to really, really enjoy it—although it’s few faults are worth mentioning in the dislikes section.

Setting: 1920’s, which was an era where women began to wear less restraining (and more revealing) outfits, so, it’s a turn of the century era.

Characters: The characters were awesome. The villianess was a hoot with her high-pitched voice. I love basically everyone in different sense. I really liked Kathy; she had a very beautiful voice.

Film Quality: It was very good; good music, good cinematography, and some very awesome sets.

Plot: I really enjoyed this plot. I love movies that are about filmmakers and actors. I also love musicals. So I enjoyed it very much.

Dislikes:  There is quite a dose of flashy, revealing outfits in this movie. Thankfully, they were mostly during the songs, so they weren’t any leading ladies’ style or anything. But there were still so bare legs and stuff, so I wouldn’t recommend this as a movie to watch your brothers. 😛 I also thought it was weird Don and Kathy fell in love so fast, but I was also glad that it didn’t completely take over the story plot either. It just seemed rather ridiculous that they were ready to get married after barely knowing each other.

Final Thoughts: Really enjoyed this film, and I recommend it with caution because of the immodesty. But there was some great characters, great songs (my favorite was ‘Good Morning’, and some very, very, very hilarious parts as well. If you enjoy the early 1900’s and some good music, than you would enjoy this movie!

~Jamie Joyce


12 thoughts on “Singin’ in the Rain; a Film Review

    1. Oh, him. I haven’t really gotten names linked to faces, yet. Yes, he was funny too. I liked it when he was making faces behind the voice teacher while reading those poems! 😛

      ~Jamie Joyce

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