Calvin and Hobbes

Super sweet twist of Calvin and his animal sidekick--my favorite kind of twist!

During my week of computer fast, I probably would have been very bored and the week would probably have been much longer if it hadn’t been for my ten+ collection books of Calvin and Hobbes.

Boy, are they good reads!

Basically, Calvin is six year old child who is messed up–humorously. He speaks more eloquently than most grown ups do today, is extremely smart, and a horror. A freak to his parents, the torment to the neighbor girl Susie, and all his classmates and teacher, Miss Wormwood.

His constant companion is his stuffed tiger Hobbes. At least, everyone thinks he’s just a stuffed tiger. To Calvin, Hobbes is someone who converses, helps with homework, jumps on him when he gets home, accompanies him to the dreaded bath hours, assists in the latest schemes to be rid of their babysitter, and a loving buddy.

Together, they go on many fun adventures, whether it be a trip to Mars or just be a great game of water balloons.

I enjoyed them very much; I read one in one morning and than that same evening I re-read the whole thing to Kayla!

I thoroughly enjoyed the many books (I have one left!) and would recommend them to all for some light reading.  You might at times want to jump in the story to give Calvin a sound spanking but rest assured–it’s a fun adventure to read anyway!

~Jamie Joyce


12 thoughts on “Calvin and Hobbes

  1. Looks like that kid has a good imagination! Maybe I should make my own cartoons “Joshua and Woody”! lol

    To the KING be all the glory!

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