Solo and the Wookie

Han knows who he can lean on!

There is a scary duo in the galaxy. And you better hope you fall on their side. ‘Cause you wouldn’t want them for enemies!

I’m talking ’bout Han Solo and his co-pilot and partner-in-crime/smuggling/action/gunfighting/and reluctant aiding of the Rebellion, Chewbacca, mightiest Wookie ever known .

Han is a brilliant character by himself; tough, witty, serious, sarcastic, and someone who thinks he can keep everything under control by himself. Before his days of being general in the Rebellion, he was a smuggler of anything that could fit on his ship–except slaves. He knew the tricks of an except smuggler, gunslinger, and space flyer. Tricks that would prove handing in joining the Rebel Alliance and avoiding Jabba the Hutt’s bounty hunters.

But we all know that Han might not have gotten so far up without the help of his most trusted companion, a soul that would throw himself in any amount of danger to keep him safe.

We lovingly call him Chewie.

It’s hard to think of Han without his caring ‘fuzzball’ trotting behind him, ready to tear off the arms of anybody who got too threatening. Chewbacca hung close to Han because of his Wookie honor in serving someone for life if they saved yours. Han at first didn’t really want a companion to be with him everywhere, but time stitched them into an inseparable bond, where each would willingly give their lives for the other if necessary. They watch each others backs and know each others weaknesses and strengths like no one else.

And for the longest time, Han, outside of himself, cared only for Chewie and his ship. They’re destiny took a turn when Chewie spoke with a old Jedi and Han agreed to ship him, two droids and a boy to Alderaan.

Life hasn’t been normal for them since.

They continued to still be the tight knit duo, but two people managed to win their way into Han’s heart; and Chewie takes care of anyone whom Han befriends.

But their still the same team, too. Still just Solo and the Wookie, doing what they do, which is making trouble, escaping from trouble or charging trouble with all firearms going!

Even though they opened their hearts and arms to the ones they learned the love and defend, we know that they will always care for each other the best.

Because, sometimes, love is like that.

~Jamie Joyce


3 thoughts on “Solo and the Wookie

  1. This was nice. I wanted to see a Han and Chewie post but there wasn’t time during my birthday week! I’m glad you did one! They are an awesome duo! At first I was scarred of Chewie, remember? Ha, ha! *laughs at how silly I was* Han makes a really cool character too… but Luke’s the best! Great pictures

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