The Star Wars Birthday

Kayla’s fifteenth birthday was last Monday. We watched A New Hope that evening, played Pictionary using  Star Wars words, and walked about a house that had paper decorations everywhere.

Here is the two stack cake I made. Kayla created the chocolate figures. 😛 The icing was suppose to be black but turned purple instead. And then over the week it turned a dark blue. Kinda creepy if you ask me. 😛

Here is a inside peek of the cake. Chocolate, choclate frosting, white cake and buttercream icing with some what-is-supposed-to-be black dye.
Here is a sample of the decorations. Kayla has about five different lightsabers that she put around the house.

The bad guys were put by the door. Just keep everyone in line. 😛

Kayla got some fun SW presents. Here is a bag which Mom and I found at a music store (I know, kinda weird.)

Here are the two cups she got.

And here is Artoo, who beeps, whisltes and screams when you click the button. Nathan just about claimed it for himself. 😛

Unfortunately, I don’t have any more pictures on my computer, so this will have to be it. 🙂

Happy Birthday Kayla!

~Jamie Joyce


9 thoughts on “The Star Wars Birthday

  1. My my….tell Kayla to have a great day, and that i am JEALOUS of some of her gifts!!!! LOL! I’d do anything for that Luke X-Wing cup..(figuratively of course) 😉
    Awesome cake! I want you to design mine! LOL! 😉

    Ohohoh!!!!!! I have that bag. 🙂 I LOVE that bag. 😉 It’s like a running thing with my one friend, because it started our friendship. 🙂

    1. LOL, that would be fun, wouldn’t it! 😛 When is your birthday, anyway?

      I want that bag too, but if I got one we’d probably get them mixed up. 😛

      ~Jamie Joyce

  2. Hmm… How much dye did you put in there? It sounds like you didn’t do the right amount…

    And I must say again – poor Luke! No legs!! He needed to go get that fixed!! lol

    To the KING be all the glory!

      1. It was new. I have no idea. I didn’t know you could put in too much (with coloring, anyway. I have tasted fosting that tastes like dye before. Ick!) No, it was new dye. It just figures that when we want a black cake for a star field we get purple…

        ~Jamie Joyce

  3. It was a great day! I personally like the Leia cup a little better than the Luke one, but I still love that one too. Thanks Jamie for the cake.

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