The Disney Tag {Edited}

This is the tag from Jedi-Chick; I had lots of fun filling it out! I tag anyone who would like to do it! 🙂

Favorite Character: I’m going to pick someone other than my favorite because my favorite would fall under favorite Disney Princess. So, my favorite Disney character….is…at the moment….Lumier. 😛 Edit: I don’t know how I forgot Miss Bianca…her too. 🙂

Favorite Movie: GASP Hands down, Beauty and the Beast. Tight follows are 101 Dalmations and The Rescuers.

Favorite Song: “Be Our Guest”, “Cruella De Ville” “Something There” “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat”

Favorite Disney Short Cartoon: I love the old cartoons; theses are my favorites, more specifically, ones I remember watching as little girl. 🙂 This is my list of old favorites–and new!–that I enjoy watching and re-watching. The Star [*] means I remember seeing  it as a kid. The ones without a symbol are ones I don’t remember seeing but have recently found and really, really enjoyed it!

*Mickey’s Fire Brigade: This is the classic Mickey/Goofy/Donald cartoon; I love how the animated the fire! And, of course, the lady in the bathtube at the end is hilarious!

*Moose Hunters: I remember this one very well from when I was younger; I actually remember most of it.

*Brave Little Tailor: This is another one of those “I remember that! And that! And that! Oh, and that, too!” cartoons. It’s such a funny story, as well.

*Two Chips and a Miss: I remember this one very well; specfically when ‘Miss’ steps out behind the glittering curtains and starts singing.

*Working for Peanuts: This is the one I have watched the most, especially with Kayla. I remember it pretty well and the little tune is so cute.

The Lone Chipmunks: I don’t remember seeing this one, but I love the spoof from ‘The Lone Ranger’. And there are some killer-hilarious parts.

*Donald’s Ostrich: watching this one sparked memories fast and furiously. The balloons, the radio, the race a-round inside the building.

*Father’s Lion: I remembered parts of this, speficially when the lion was messing with Goofy’s sleeping bag!

*Baggage Buster: That magicians trunk, I don’t know how any child could forget it. I remember watching the bull, goldfish bowl, the hat, the rabbits….

*Don Donald: I didn’t remember half of this one, but stuff clicked back while viewing. And it was hilarious. And this is actually the only cartoon I’ve come across with Daisy talking like Donald.

Lion Around: Oh, that infamous lion! And those cute little nephews!

Don’s Fountain of Youth: I just watched this a couple weeks ago. Not only are the nephews adorable, but I love Donald’s trick on them! They quickly started acting grown up when they thought he was a baby again! (They talk so cute too!)

*Donald’s Diary: I remember watching this; no wonder. It is the most strangest of any of them. So strange I had to include it.

Father’s Day Off: ROFL, ROFL, ROFL, ROFL . . . .

Favorite Pixar Movie: The only one I’ve seen is Finding Nemo, but at least I enjoy that one. 😛 I hope to watch, in the coming year, Monsters Inc, The Incredibles, UP, and the three Toy Stories. 🙂

Favorite Live Action Movie: Swiss Family Robinson.

Favorite Disney Channel Show:

Favorite Disney Channel Movie:

Favorite Disney Princess: Belle; I’ll talk more about her when I post the ‘Disney Princess Tag’.

Favorite ‘Original Gang’ Character: Chip and Dale. Hands down. And then the Nephews! They’re so cute. I love Donald too, even with his temper tantrums. And good ol’ Mickey and Goofy too.

Favorite Park: I think I’ve only been to Disneyland of California.

Favorite Hotel: We did stay in a hotel but I don’t even remember which one! 😛

Favorite Restaurant: Can’t remember of any.

Favorite Ride/Attraction: We have always loved the Teacups.

Favorite Collectible I Own: I don’t think I have anything, really.

Favorite Memory: I loved watching the cartoons when I was younger. And, I’ve been told that when I was three while at Disneyland, I RAN into Mickey’s arms! LOL

Suggestion to Disney: I wish you could be cheaper!!! And also; things are best when they stick close the Bible. It would be awesome if your films were more Christ Honoring…

I’m looking forward to posting the Disney Princess Tag!


7 thoughts on “The Disney Tag {Edited}

  1. 😀 Awesome job Jamie Joyce!!!!!! 😀 I am so glad you liked it! Haha, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Chip and Dale. ❤ ❤ ❤
    My sister is in LOVE with Beauty and the Beast!!! We've watched it five times in the past week! LOL! 😀

    I think I'll do the Disney Princess tag sometime this week! Haha! 🙂

  2. I think the only one of those that I have actually seen recently enough to remember it well, is “101 Dalmations”. I did see “Beauty and the Beast” once, a very long time ago. (think 17 years ago or more) I don’t remember it very well.

    Art thou planning to e-mail me again sometime soon?? 😀

    To the KING be all the glory!

    1. I’m sorry I haven’t responded sooner; I keep meaning to but stuff keeps popping up and the blog is just about the only thing I’m trying to do on my computer. We’re in a great deal of stress right now too, and I’ll be taking a week’s vacation from my computer next week. I will try my best to respond this week!

      ~Jamie Joyce

      1. That’s alright. Don’t get stressed over me. I just miss our conversations. 🙂

        Still praying for you all! 🙂

        To the KING be all the glory!

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