Return of the Jedi; A Film Review

First Thoughts: I was aching to see this one and yet dreading it at the same time. The infamous bikini was getting on my nerves and yet I desperately wanted to see how Han got free from the carbonite; I wanted to see how it ended; how everything worked out. While I have mixed feelings on this film, I still really enjoyed it. 🙂

Setting: First half took place in Jabba’s palace; a dark, creepy place with disgusting creatures….second half was on a tree-filled planet–which looked so very much like earth that it didn’t seem like outer space anymore…

Characters: How grown they all have become; Luke, Han and Leia. Leia was no longer the impatient young woman but a strong and sturdy woman with a good head on her shoulders. Han was no longer filled up with himself, and with the death sentence off his head, could freely return to the Rebellion and help fight the Empire. And Luke had matured from the naive farm boy to a calm and confident Jedi knight with honor and courage in all his steps. And it was a joy to hear Chewie’s yowl and Artoo’s beeps again. And good ol’ Threepio, too, shining and struggling to understand everything going on around him.

Film Quality: Awesome as ever. The huge space battle was amazing; and Lando driving the millennium into the core of the Death Star was super amazing.  The lighting from the Emperor’s hands was cool, too.

Plot: The plot was good, but parts of it were confusing to me. The whole part in Jabba’s palace was confusing–it just didn’t run smoothly and it was just kinda awkward with Leia half-naked and all. The part with the Rancor was awesome, though, and the whole fight on the skiff was super, super cool. I’d watch the film all over again to see the fight over the Sarlacc. But after we got out of Jabba’s palace, things ran much smoother and made better sense.

Likes: I liked the final stretch of Han and Leia’s romance. I liked how Luke kept control of his feelings and emotions at the end and refused to hurt a defenseless man (who in return saved his). I loved how matured Han had become. No longer the selfish man we saw in ‘A New Hope’, he had become an efficient General. I liked Threepio and Artoo (of course). I loved the ending fight between Luke and Vadar. Had me on the edge of my seat. And the music is great! I loved the Ewok’s theme a lot!

Dislikes: Nearly the whole part in Jabba’s palace; AWKWARD. And the Ewoks. AWKWARD again. They just kinda were a little two cheesy for me…but they were cute…and a good theme…

Final Thoughts: This one is definitely for older people and the first half with all the immodesty (yes, Leia wasn’t the only one dressed immodesty, especially in the extender version with the added dancing, which is the one we saw. ) It would be neat if someone could get a copyright granted and either use a technique to cover them all up….) I still really enjoyed this one, for all the choppiness at the beginning and Ewok-cheesiness at the end. The fight with Vadar and the finishing relationships with everybody else made it worth the watch. And now, below, I have attempted  to play the film through pictures, so enjoy! (and do expect it to be in perfect order, I only saw the film once!) 😛

~Jamie Joyce

3 thoughts on “Return of the Jedi; A Film Review

  1. As wonderful as always Jamie Joyce!!!! 🙂
    I love this post! ROTJ is my second favorite film….right behind ESB. 😉 I love all the pictures you’ve found. My goodness, my picture library has GROWN since you started these Star Wars posts! LOL! Amazing job, and I really like it!

    JC ❤

    1. Thank you very much! I’m glad they are new pictures for you; I was afraid everyone had seen them already and they wouldn’t be new! 😛

      ~Jamie Joyce

  2. Excellent review. I was exceedingly uptight about the whole Jabba part, but once that was done it was uphill from there!
    I didn’t mind the Ewoks that much even though they were a little fake- it was still Star Wars so that’s okay. I like the way everyone’s character has matured to the hero’s they all end as. (I’m still a bit mad at Lando but, he did blow up the Death Star II so…)
    Oh C-3po is so funny in this one as usual! “I don’t know Artoo, it’s a long way doooooooown!!!” “It is against my protocol to pose as divinity!” LOL
    (I was glad Han wasn’t so cocky anymore too.)

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