Behind The Scenes

I find almost more excitement in finding behind-the-scene shots from the SW trilogy than pictures from the films themselves. Seeing the familiar faces in everyday clothes hanging out on set is cool—and simply seeing the planets and worlds as what they really are is cool too. Get ready for seeing behind the scenes.

Hmmm, Leia and Han look alright. But look! Threepio! Chewie! What’s happened to your heads?!?!?! LOL Anthony is look around like; “Alright, where’d my helmet go? Guys, it’s not funny!” And poor Peter is glancing up at the trees looking either bored or embarrassed. “II’m not here. *whistles*” Lol

All I see is two siblings tattling on each other to the nearest grown up…

"Let's have a kiss!" "I can't bare to watch..."

Goodness, look at all the parts!

Carrie, Sir Alec, and Mark

Just another normal day, hangin’ with Dad and the Imperials…

I’m so envious!!!!!

Han 'And then I shot them! Bang! Bang!" Leia "Yeah, whatever, dear."

" much longer of this?"

Threepio….you’re wearing pants….

Leia: “CHEESE!”

The wookie’s just keeping the camera people safe.

From this perspective, Yoda doesn’t look quite as….real??

And from this perspective . . . .

"If you only knew the power of the dark side!" "George, can he stop practicing now? He's creeping me out!"

Wookie Love

Nice cushions….or mattresses…

Awww, Mark, you cheated!

Gosh, I like this side of Star Wars just as much! I hope you all do too. 🙂

I’m sad to say that this is the last of my Star Wars posts, but I’m going to start working on one about my sister’s Star Wars themed party for tomorrow. 🙂 Thank you to all who commented, I’m making an award for all of you! It really made my day(s) finding your comments. 🙂

I will probably do a post stating my future post plans soon, just so I can get back to regular blogging. 🙂

~Jamie Terry

7 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes

  1. YEAH! I love this part of Star Wars too! Great shots! I am so happy I don’t have much to say!
    They all acted so good and the filmmakers did great too!

  2. Awesome pictures!!!!!!! I loved this post too!!!! 😀
    In fact, I sent one of my best friends a link to your blog, so she could see all the SW pictures. 😉 Great job!!!! 😀

    1. Thank you so much; you’re comments have meant so much to me; thanks!

      Oh, and thanks for sharing my link too! All SW fans can be friends of mine (especially if their your friends, too.) 😀

      ~Jamie Joyce

    1. There are several different SW tumblrs I visited that had a lot of pictures. I had to go way back in their archives to find ’em, so it took a little time, but it was worth it. Some of them I’ve had for quite awhile, so I can’t remember specifically. 🙂 There is a Behind the Scenes tumblr; here is the address. 🙂

      ~Jamie Joyce

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