As I slide around on the floor trying to collect my blog marbles:

I am sad to realize that my Star Wars week is over. But then it dawned on me that I can post about Star Wars when I ever I like, so I feel better.

I also made an award for those who left comments for me and Kayla during the week specifically. They were great appreciated and I loved to keep hearing from you.

Now, as to the near future; I’m excited that my birthday is next Sunday; I have one more week to truthfully sing “I am sixteen going on seventeen…” 😛 Next Monday I will try (probably not very well) to slink out of my Star Wars mood for some ancient atmosphere as my birthday theme is Robin Hood (Kayla actually remember that I watched Robin Hood last year too!) I will have at least one post on Robin Hood and why I like him so much and a film review on the Errol Flynn classic. Sadly, I do not have near as many pictures, but as I have more than just a couple, they will make do (or else I shall be scrambling Tumblr for a Robin Hood website or something).

Also, as I was ‘tagged’ at Jedi-Chick’s blog, I’ll be in a very Disney mood as well. I’ve been wanting to post some Disney pictures anyway, and this tag (plus a couple more that I’ve found) will be fun to post, too.

And Disney reminds me that I could have had a Beauty and the Beast birthday party, but oh well. I already decided on Robin Hood. Maybe next year . . . . what’s sadder is that I have a million gorgeous BatB pictures… oh well, I can always do a BatB post too! 😛 Maybe I’ll do one for my birthday, just because it’s one of my favorite films ever.

I’m also planning on doing a post solely for Han and Chewie; twill be awesome. As they didn’t get a post all to themselves (Han had to share his with Leia) during this week’s fest, I decided to start putting one together for them; just of for the record. And besides, I love them both very, very much. And besides, they are one of the most amazing, awesome, and perfect duo’s in film history EVER. Please don’t argue with me; you could get hurt. 😛 (You know I’m joking of course.)

ALSO, I’m at the beginning stages of having my blog redone; new theme and everything. Hopefully I’ll keep my marbles and not change too much (I don’t want anyone getting lost). The name will stay the same. 🙂

Also, a warning for next week; I will probably not be on my blog Friday and Saturday as that is our homeschool convention days. It will be the first time that we don’t attend as a family, though. Mom isn’t going this year; but Dad is still taking Kayla and I for some shopping. I will probably get a T-Shirt like last year.

Alright, I’m off for picture hunting and post planning and deciding on my new theme! Hopefully see you all soon and thanks! 🙂

~Jamie Joyce


7 thoughts on “As I slide around on the floor trying to collect my blog marbles:

  1. I know, I haven’t commented much this week… Time got ahead of me- again.

    I really enjoyed all of your Star Wars posts. I hope there will be many more in the future!

    I can’t wait to see the new blog design.

    1. I know, that’s happened to me all the time; you did comment at the beginning, though, so you can still have the award. 🙂

      Thanks! 🙂

      ~Jamie Joyce

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