The Empire Strikes Back: a Film Review

First Thoughts: I was excited to see the film–we all were, I think. And I expected it to be just as good as the last one; and in many aspects, it was. While it delivered the wonderful dialogue, action, special effects, story plot and characters, I was slightly annoyed with a couple different aspects, which I’ll cover in ‘dislikes’.

Setting: Several different planets were in this one; Hoth, the ice planet, Dagobah, Yoda’s planet, and Cloud City, where we meet Lando. My favorite place was probably Cloud City, because that’s were a lot of the action happens at the end.

Characters: Boy, did I enjoy the characters, even if they were slightly annoying in different aspects. Han and Leia’s dialogue was mostly arguing in the first half, and while often humorous, it got a little tiring. Luke was again the great hero we could cheer for. We met Yoda, who wasn’t anything like I imagined him to be. And we also met Boba Fett too. And it was in this film that Chewie shot right into my top favorites.

Film Quality: Remember how amazing the Star Wars effects were to the audiences way back when they first came out? How amazing they seemed? Today, many people are quite used to seeing spectacular scenes on film. I think I’m one of the few people left who love Star Wars with the effects as part of the reason. I still haven’t seen a film that’s surpassed the three films. That speaks for what I have and haven’t seen in this world.

Plot: I enjoyed the plot a lot. The twists and turns, especially when Han and Leia are in the Millennium; first asteroids, then space slugs, then a huge Imperial base…it kept getting more and more alarming. I found Luke’s journey through the Force rather slow, so I preferred all of Han and Leia’s scenes better. But altogether, it was an amazing plot with great ups and downs.

Likes: I loved the dialogue. Han and Leia’s especially; and Threepio, too. I liked how Han was STILL trying to pay off his debt to Jabba (failing miserably, but at least he was working at it). And CHEWIE was an absolute favorite. I loved his loyalty and love that he communicated to our heroes and heroines, even though he didn’t say understandable word once. And I love Han’s instincts and convictions in protecting Leia. From shielding her from falling ice to instructing Chewie to keep her safe just before he was frozen, he showed both his love and self denial for her.

Dislikes: Han kinda went over his boundaries in trying to get Leia to admit that she liked him in the beginning (I would have slapped him across the face, honestly). And as I would have slapped him, and I don’t really mind that Leia got so mad at him. The whole romantic tension in the first half was also uncomfortable, and if you know me, romance with tension is not my favorite….. And then, of course, all the Force talk from Yoda.  I just have a problem with it.

Final Thoughts: Despite the problems, I still really, really enjoyed this one. 🙂

Now for some clips from the film.

And we leave them as they watch the Millennium soar away…..and as to their rescue of Han…well, that will come in a post soon enough.

I’m posting this early because we are having internet problems and I might not be able to get on later, so here it is now! 🙂

~Jamie Joyce

6 thoughts on “The Empire Strikes Back: a Film Review

  1. Hooray! I LOVE long Star Wars posts! Please make ROTJ post just as long!
    I was a little disappointed after I watched this one even though I really enjoyed it. I’m getting over it now. I was so mad at Han at the beginning, the way he was acting. Leia had a perfect insult! 🙂
    Chewie was great in this one.

  2. I can’t wait to see ROTJ!!!!!!

    ESB is my all time favorite movie in the history of EVER! 😀 I love all the pictures for this post! 😀 I’ve saved like,…..all of them….XD

    Awesome job Jamie, I am really enjoying these posts!!! 😀

    1. It’s tomorrow!!!

      Good, I’m glad! I love finding new pictures too. If I find really good ones, I spazs out, like, completely.

      Thank you very much!

      ~Jamie Joyce

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