Lord Vadar and The Empire

I think the villains from Star Wars are my favorite. Sure, there are some other neat villains, but none that seem to compare to Vadar, Boba, the Emperor, and all those white stormtroopers. They’re the other half to the trilogy we have to remember. You can’t have heroes without villains for them to battle. And for such wonderful heroes as Luke, Leia and Han, there need to be some very amazing villains, too.  As this is just a picture post; you’ll have to make sure you come back later today for my Empire Strike’s Back review; which is very heavy laden with pictures! 😛

~Jamie Joyce

3 thoughts on “Lord Vadar and The Empire

  1. Ooooh. DUH DUH DUNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Darth Lord Vader….he’s a big baddie, isn’t he? 😛 Palpatine grosses me out. XD he’s so…UGLY. Boba is awesome. 😉

    Awesome post! I can’t wait for the one on Luke. XDD If you do one that is. He’s my favorite. <33

    1. I did do one on Luke already, Lol. It should still be on this page. I did it after The New Hope review (which came after Leia’s post). 🙂

      ~Jamie Joyce

  2. Wow! Super pictures! Darth is the ultimate bad guy! I love the ones with reflections in the helmets. The stormtroopers look so neat, especially when Han shoots them!

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