Luke: Jedi, Rebel, Brother, Son and Hero

Luke Skywalker. So much can be said about this hero. And I really have no idea where to start—-I know that less is more. So I wrote this below. I’m no poem writer, so don’t expect anything to grand. In fact, the only part that rhymes is at the end. 🙂 It more has rhythm. Sorta. Either way, it is very different than anything else, and that’s okay. It’s a summary of Luke’s journey through the films. OH; and be sure to come back later today; I’ll be publishing ‘Star Wars Giggles’!

Raised on a moisture farm.
Brought up on simple means.
And wanting to join the Rebellion.
Wanting to help free the galaxy.

Two droids join his home.
One of them accidentally reveals part of a secret message.
Then runs away.
He chases after the droid that would assist his X-Wings on many journeys.

He learns the message is from a girl in need of help.
Bound by honor, he stays home.
But home is burned; gone; forever.
Home will now be the Force and the Rebellion.

He goes to assist this beautiful girl.
Making friends with the odd duo; Solo and Chewie.
He gets his first lesson in the force from his new friend.
But then loses him.

Flying an X-Wing for the Rebel Alliance;
He uses the force to blow the death star.
His life is saved by Solo and friends.
And they all received medals at the end….

….or should I say….the beginning.

The rebellion fights on through more years; theirs bases moving
Till they finally land on Hoth.
There he sees Ben again
Telling him to find his Jedi Master

Helping to bring down the AT-AT
But then evacuating as the Empire closes in
He leaves for a planet of moisture and creeps
To learn the ways of the force.

Meanwhile his friends are captured and held
They’re bait and he’ll be the catch.
Leaving his master with some skills learned
He’s off to save them all.

He’s a bit too late to save Han from being frozen
And taken away to a slug.
Leia screams a warning as they pass by
But he’s determined to bring down the villain.

They face and fight
They spin round and round.
But he’s not a Jedi yet.
And it costs him his hand.

It’s hanging over space and air when he learns
who his father is; he learns that Ben didn’t tell him the truth.
He learns that he’s wanted to the join the Empire.
But chooses death instead but is saved by returning friends.

Leaving the Rebellion for a time, they set off the save Han
He’s honed his skills as a Jedi Knight
And makes a plan to save his friend from evil Jabba the Hut.
And it works.

The friends, reunited, now ban with one cause.
To bring down the Empire together.
They set off to bring down the deflector shield
So that the Empire’s Base can be blown.

He senses his Father
and that he’s endangering the cause.
Telling his sister who she is and where he is going
He goes to do his best.

Turning himself in he meets his father
But finds only a cold heart
And against what he thought
He’s taken to the Emperor.

Learning from him that his friends are in danger
He fights back anger and wrath.
But at last falling out and loosing it all
He strikes with his drawn out lasar.

Battling with the villain of his life,
He struggles between Dark and Light.
Loosing it more, he cuts on Darth’s hand
And then realizes how alike they really are.

Throwing aside his weapon, he turned with the air of a victor.
“You have failed, your highness.
I am a Jedi.
Like my father before.”

The Emperor is furious and strikes out with his rage
And Sith Lighting attacks this last knight.
But good pulls through, Lord Vadar holds true
And tosses the bad one over the side.

Father and son
Together; it’s true.
Skywalker’s their name.

Anakin and . . . Luke . . .

So much can be said of this character; this man. He has the largest growth in a series that I’ve ever seen. He’s genuinly loving and caring. He would do anything to keep a friend safe. He puts others before himself and his feelings. And best of all, he chooses the hardest but best route; doing what is right.

Long live the Jedi Order and the Rebel Alliance!
And to their hero–OUR hero–Luke.

~Jamie Joyce


6 thoughts on “Luke: Jedi, Rebel, Brother, Son and Hero

  1. I LOVE Luke! He’s got best character growth of all the hero’s! It is so hard to pick between him and Leia as favorites… I guess I like Leia best because I’m a girl. (tee-hee) I love the way Luke rescues Han from Jabba!
    Your ‘rhythm’ wasn’t that bad at all! It was great!

  2. If only Anakin had turned out as well as his son! At least he changed back to the right side in the end…

    I also love how willing to forgive his father, Luke is. He even wants to save his life – even though he could have hated him for so much!

    To the KING be all the glory!

    1. Yes, I love that too. It shows how very selfless and considerate he really is. Kinda how we want to have hearts to share the Gospel with others.

      ~Jamie Joyce

  3. I cannot believe I didn’t comment on this post!!!!!!! LUKE SKYWALKER IS THE BEST CHARACTER (next to Mara Jade) EVER!!!!!!
    I am in love with Luke Skywalker. My mom hates hiim. She says he’s too whiny and such, but I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. XDDDD

    He’s an iconic character, and he’s just so incredible I can’t explain it. 😀 Awesome post, AMAZING PICTURES!!!!!! 😀

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