A New Hope: a Film Review

First Thoughts: Honestly, I didn’t have much time for many thoughts before we started watching it. It was just kinda sudden. Dad was putting a video in and we asked, “what are we watching” and he said, “Star Wars”. Kayla and I were like . . . “WHAT?” I hadn’t really meditated much on it, so I didn’t come at from a particular angle (I had always thought Yoda looked really weird though).

Setting: It’s a setting I had not been in—-ever. A galaxy. With different planets. And spaceships. And aliens. It was just very different, but it was a difference that I quickly learned to like.

Characters: The characters were fresh to me; the many characters were different, original, and they all had a depth that I could feel. Luke came off as an amazing hero, and I like Leia very much–I couldn’t get over how modest and cute her white dress was! Some of you might be mad at me, but I liked Han right off the bat, too. I didn’t think much of Chewie (I didn’t even really connect his name with him). I actually didn’t care a ton for Obi-Wan but I liked him enough. Darth Vadar was just ‘Wow’ material. And I couldn’t stop laughing at Threepio.

Film Quality: Coming from someone who had only watched b/w, westerns, mysteries, and family/Disney type stuff; it was MIND BLOWING. The special effects, the flying ships, blaster-shots—everything; it was just so cool. I kinda slipped into a zombie effect just starring with awe at the effects. I still feel that way, and my parents haven’t shown me a movie to top it.

Plot: The plot was very well done. The rise and fall of the story was beautiful. It kept me captivated all the way through, even though my deep interest didn’t start till Luke and Obi Wan were at the Cantina and they were surrounded by startling creatures and then we saw Han Solo for the first time. I knew the minute we saw Han’s spunky, sarcastic character that “this is going to be more interesting than I thought!”

(I love Ben's expression in the last picture; just giving Luke that sympathetic, 'I-got-it-under-control-mister' sorta look

(bonus) Likes: I liked the characters and their growth through the film. The droids were hilarious. I liked how Luke refused to runaway from home; and only left because it was destroyed he couldn’t be there anymore. I loved Leia’s modesty (actually, she’s been very modest throughout the whole series except for the slave outfit. *SIGH*). I actually liked how Han was working at repaying his debt–which is cool, especially in our debt-driven society. I liked all the effects. We watched the special edition, so we got to see Jabba the Hutt right off the bat; he was amazing to look at. All the bantering was funny; Han had some awesome lines.  The garbage disposal scene and the swinging scene are some of my favorites. There are so many other things, but I can’t think of them all right now…

(I love Leia's expression gazing up at Chewie. Apparently she'd never heard of such a thing as an angry Wookie tearing off arms as she delivered her little insult)

Dislikes: Eh, Leia was rather sassy, but when you think about it, there are three reasons why. One: she’s a diplomatic leader and a princess and is used to people doing what she says. And second: she had just gone through a very big ordeal of being tortured and then witnessing her home planet being blown up. I think that would make anyone sour. And third; she doesn’t know who her two rescuers are, as we do. She needed to stick to her ground to two young men whom she didn’t even know. Besides, she is not like that in the whole trilogy; she’s actually a very sweet and compassionate young lady. Other dislikes; the force. It’s just not right. I can put up with it, though.

Final Thoughts: I really enjoyed this film; lack of immodesty; lack of romance (Leia and Han did share their first hug in the garbage disposal—they’re such a romantic couple, y’all); and lack of pathetic heroes (Kayla and I defy anyone who says Luke is a big whiner). There was a great plot; great characters; great heroes; great dialogue; great music….Anyway.

~Jamie Joyce


12 thoughts on “A New Hope: a Film Review

  1. I think this is my favorite one from the trilogy! It’s so exciting and the effects are just right for me!

    1. Thanks for the comment, guys!

      Well . . . . some of my girlfriends have only seen Han when he was his selfish self…so they’re under the opinion that he is a horrible character ‘biblically’. I have to keep reminding them that he improves in character by the end; then they’re fine with me liking him if he does improve. I was just throwing out there that I did like him from the start, even though I like him the most in RotJ. 🙂 I hope that explains it.

      Yes; I agree; Han is awesome!

      ~Jamie Joyce

  2. I liked A New Hope the best before out of the trilogy but now I kind of like Return of the Jedi. 😀 😀
    A New Hope is probably the best one for little kids to watch too out of all the 6.

    1. I like all three so much I have the hardest time picking favorites. They all have their super good parts and thier not so good parts….

      Yes; but I wouldn’t let my younger brother watch it quite yet. 🙂

      ~Jamie Joyce

  3. Well, you don’t have to fear me calling him a whiner…

    I like Luke’s character (for the most part) and I like Leia’s hairstyles… 😀

    To the KING be all the glory!

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