Happy Independence Day

We had a ton of fun yesterday; we drove a hour’s drive to a friends’ house for the 4th, bringing the entire H family in our van (it was a cram but it was worth it). Moriah entertained us with a tour of her gigantic purse and we looked at the piano music I was bringing along. We all got to eat at Chick-Fil-A for lunch before arriving at the party’s destination.

Two families covenanted with our church yesterday, along with three baptisms so we did those first before any swimming. I didn’t swim so I ate my dinner and got to hold the cutest baby ever, Malachi, while his family swam. I played the keyboard some and walked around kissing him and checking on the ice cream machine with Mrs M (strawberry ice cream, made from goats milk! I think it’s just about the best ice cream I’ve ever had. Next to Thrifty’s Mint and Chip. )

A dust storm blew threw and everyone had to jump out of the pool and race inside.  It was all rather chaotic as people dashed in rooms to change and everyone else crowded around the window to watch. Once everyone was dried off and all, the storm had passed and people who hadn’t eaten did. I had brought along a notebook and pen and I sat down by myself in a sideroom to write out a brief outline for my murder story. I’m very pleased to announce that I got it done in one piece, and everything seems very orderly (for once).  Some guys came along to play a card game at the same table so I partly watched that too, and we ate ice cream.

Around then, it got dark enough to set off some fireworks, so everybody headed outside. There was lighting faraway and I thought it gave a great atmosphere. Dad had bought a huge box full of fireworks, and we set them off one by one, announcing the names. The kids all sat on a blanket and I sat next to the box, handing Dad the next firework. They all had cool names–Wild Cat, Zombie, King Kong, Solar Bursts, Hornets Nest, and Devil’s Delight. They were great fun, and noisy but I liked it. Little Sophie came and climbed on my lap at one point, too.

The ride home should have been long and tiresome at ten o clock in the evening, but I wished we would have drove on for hours. Kayla suggested a game about drawing part of a picture and passing it on to the next person and letting them add to it. Gabe and Brianna, who were in the bench in front of us, joined in, and we got a crazy picture by the time it went around twice. We talked about the ‘scary things that had happened to us’ and the different films that had creeped us out, and just goofed off over the picture.

Kayla started off a by drawing a shirt, and Moriah tried to turn it into tuxedo. I added pants and belt and Nechet added boots and a dog attacking him. Gabe added a sword and Brianna drew in little head. It went down hill from there. Moriah gave him crazy hair and hearts on his pants. I gave him a mustache and Nechet drew mountains in the background. Gabe turned the mountains into a monster’s teeth. We were all laughing so hard by the time we got to their home to drop them off. I hope we go one more car trips with them. 🙂 It was reminding me of when we were all three years younger sitting around on their back patio being completely bored and getting rather slap happy. Last night was probably as close to reliving that episode as we’ll ever get. 🙂 My, how we’ve all grown up…….

Happy Independence Day, y’all. I missed all of you who couldn’t make it to the party. 🙂 We all miss you, J’s! 🙂

~Jamie Joyce


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