Until Further Notice:

I am taking a mandatory break from my computer this week; so you will probably not see me on my blog or email until next Tuesday! Twill be very short and I will be back to blogging in no time. Don’t miss me too, much.

My birthday was wonderful on Sunday and today we did a full celebration. Sunday, Dad bought a whole ice cream cake and the whole church sang happy birthday to me. Today I got open my presents and pick to films to watch; The Many Adventures of Robin Hood and Ben-Hur.

Next week I’ll post some pictures of my gifts; I received three soundtracks; Ben-Hur, Beauty and the Beast, and Sinbad Legend of the Seven Seas: all huge favorites of mine! Also, two Star Wars cups (of Han Solo and Darth Vadar), a Obi-Wan Kenobi action figure from Nathan, and about ten collection books of Calvin and Hobbes–old cartoon strips. I’ll love sharing about them later!

I’ll look forward to finding your comments and emails when I return. Oh, what will I be doing to keep busy….. Oh, you know, working on a huge cross stitch project, listening to Father Gilbert mysteries, and studying for a driver’s permit.


~Jamie Joyce

Solo and the Wookie

Han knows who he can lean on!

There is a scary duo in the galaxy. And you better hope you fall on their side. ‘Cause you wouldn’t want them for enemies!

I’m talking ’bout Han Solo and his co-pilot and partner-in-crime/smuggling/action/gunfighting/and reluctant aiding of the Rebellion, Chewbacca, mightiest Wookie ever known .

Han is a brilliant character by himself; tough, witty, serious, sarcastic, and someone who thinks he can keep everything under control by himself. Before his days of being general in the Rebellion, he was a smuggler of anything that could fit on his ship–except slaves. He knew the tricks of an except smuggler, gunslinger, and space flyer. Tricks that would prove handing in joining the Rebel Alliance and avoiding Jabba the Hutt’s bounty hunters.

But we all know that Han might not have gotten so far up without the help of his most trusted companion, a soul that would throw himself in any amount of danger to keep him safe.

We lovingly call him Chewie.

It’s hard to think of Han without his caring ‘fuzzball’ trotting behind him, ready to tear off the arms of anybody who got too threatening. Chewbacca hung close to Han because of his Wookie honor in serving someone for life if they saved yours. Han at first didn’t really want a companion to be with him everywhere, but time stitched them into an inseparable bond, where each would willingly give their lives for the other if necessary. They watch each others backs and know each others weaknesses and strengths like no one else.

And for the longest time, Han, outside of himself, cared only for Chewie and his ship. They’re destiny took a turn when Chewie spoke with a old Jedi and Han agreed to ship him, two droids and a boy to Alderaan.

Life hasn’t been normal for them since.

They continued to still be the tight knit duo, but two people managed to win their way into Han’s heart; and Chewie takes care of anyone whom Han befriends.

But their still the same team, too. Still just Solo and the Wookie, doing what they do, which is making trouble, escaping from trouble or charging trouble with all firearms going!

Even though they opened their hearts and arms to the ones they learned the love and defend, we know that they will always care for each other the best.

Because, sometimes, love is like that.

~Jamie Joyce

The Star Wars Birthday

Kayla’s fifteenth birthday was last Monday. We watched A New Hope that evening, played Pictionary using  Star Wars words, and walked about a house that had paper decorations everywhere.

Here is the two stack cake I made. Kayla created the chocolate figures. :P The icing was suppose to be black but turned purple instead. And then over the week it turned a dark blue. Kinda creepy if you ask me. :P

Here is a inside peek of the cake. Chocolate, choclate frosting, white cake and buttercream icing with some what-is-supposed-to-be black dye.
Here is a sample of the decorations. Kayla has about five different lightsabers that she put around the house.

The bad guys were put by the door. Just keep everyone in line. :P

Kayla got some fun SW presents. Here is a bag which Mom and I found at a music store (I know, kinda weird.)

Here are the two cups she got.

And here is Artoo, who beeps, whisltes and screams when you click the button. Nathan just about claimed it for himself. :P

Unfortunately, I don’t have any more pictures on my computer, so this will have to be it. :)

Happy Birthday Kayla!

~Jamie Joyce

The Disney Tag {Edited}

This is the tag from Jedi-Chick; I had lots of fun filling it out! I tag anyone who would like to do it! :)

Favorite Character: I’m going to pick someone other than my favorite because my favorite would fall under favorite Disney Princess. So, my favorite Disney character….is…at the moment….Lumier. :P Edit: I don’t know how I forgot Miss Bianca…her too. :)

Favorite Movie: GASP Hands down, Beauty and the Beast. Tight follows are 101 Dalmations and The Rescuers.

Favorite Song: “Be Our Guest”, “Cruella De Ville” “Something There” “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat”

Favorite Disney Short Cartoon: I love the old cartoons; theses are my favorites, more specifically, ones I remember watching as little girl. :) This is my list of old favorites–and new!–that I enjoy watching and re-watching. The Star [*] means I remember seeing  it as a kid. The ones without a symbol are ones I don’t remember seeing but have recently found and really, really enjoyed it!

*Mickey’s Fire Brigade: This is the classic Mickey/Goofy/Donald cartoon; I love how the animated the fire! And, of course, the lady in the bathtube at the end is hilarious!

*Moose Hunters: I remember this one very well from when I was younger; I actually remember most of it.

*Brave Little Tailor: This is another one of those “I remember that! And that! And that! Oh, and that, too!” cartoons. It’s such a funny story, as well.

*Two Chips and a Miss: I remember this one very well; specfically when ‘Miss’ steps out behind the glittering curtains and starts singing.

*Working for Peanuts: This is the one I have watched the most, especially with Kayla. I remember it pretty well and the little tune is so cute.

The Lone Chipmunks: I don’t remember seeing this one, but I love the spoof from ‘The Lone Ranger’. And there are some killer-hilarious parts.

*Donald’s Ostrich: watching this one sparked memories fast and furiously. The balloons, the radio, the race a-round inside the building.

*Father’s Lion: I remembered parts of this, speficially when the lion was messing with Goofy’s sleeping bag!

*Baggage Buster: That magicians trunk, I don’t know how any child could forget it. I remember watching the bull, goldfish bowl, the hat, the rabbits….

*Don Donald: I didn’t remember half of this one, but stuff clicked back while viewing. And it was hilarious. And this is actually the only cartoon I’ve come across with Daisy talking like Donald.

Lion Around: Oh, that infamous lion! And those cute little nephews!

Don’s Fountain of Youth: I just watched this a couple weeks ago. Not only are the nephews adorable, but I love Donald’s trick on them! They quickly started acting grown up when they thought he was a baby again! (They talk so cute too!)

*Donald’s Diary: I remember watching this; no wonder. It is the most strangest of any of them. So strange I had to include it.

Father’s Day Off: ROFL, ROFL, ROFL, ROFL . . . .

Favorite Pixar Movie: The only one I’ve seen is Finding Nemo, but at least I enjoy that one. :P I hope to watch, in the coming year, Monsters Inc, The Incredibles, UP, and the three Toy Stories. :)

Favorite Live Action Movie: Swiss Family Robinson.

Favorite Disney Channel Show:

Favorite Disney Channel Movie:

Favorite Disney Princess: Belle; I’ll talk more about her when I post the ‘Disney Princess Tag’.

Favorite ‘Original Gang’ Character: Chip and Dale. Hands down. And then the Nephews! They’re so cute. I love Donald too, even with his temper tantrums. And good ol’ Mickey and Goofy too.

Favorite Park: I think I’ve only been to Disneyland of California.

Favorite Hotel: We did stay in a hotel but I don’t even remember which one! :P

Favorite Restaurant: Can’t remember of any.

Favorite Ride/Attraction: We have always loved the Teacups.

Favorite Collectible I Own: I don’t think I have anything, really.

Favorite Memory: I loved watching the cartoons when I was younger. And, I’ve been told that when I was three while at Disneyland, I RAN into Mickey’s arms! LOL

Suggestion to Disney: I wish you could be cheaper!!! And also; things are best when they stick close the Bible. It would be awesome if your films were more Christ Honoring…

I’m looking forward to posting the Disney Princess Tag!

200th Post

It’s my 200th post! I decided that I would list out my highlights of my many posts I’m especially pleased with. They are the ones that were most thought through! Lol :)

I'm Not Waiting For a "Prince Charming"

I’m very pleased with this post; as I sat down in one sitting and wrote out my thoughts on the sterotypical figure that most girls call “Prince Charming” and why I didn’t want a husband like him. Why I didn’t want to refer to my husband as that.  And why I wanted to change it. This post is where my coined term “Prince Courage” was born and my thoughts behind that name.

Lessons from 'Beauty and the Beast'

I wrote this post a couple weeks after seeing the classic Disney “Beauty and the Beast”. I had gained an amazing view of love from this film; how we want to fall in love with who someone is, not what they look like, how they speak; ect. Since this post, I’ve learned even more lessons from it, which I might write down sometimes.

Disney Princesses: The Good, Bad and Ugly

The only princess I’ve seen in the film is Belle, but as I’ve grown older, I’ve learned much of these girls’ famous stories; their faults and character qualities. While I love the femininety I see in most of them; as I learned some of their worldviews, I became a little alarmed at some of their beliefs that are put forth in their films. I didn’t have to watch the films to learn these biblical problems, and I laid out a couple that I had noticed and disagreed with (One from my own favorite film, Beauty and the Beast.)

What Is A Hero

One night I was struck with the idea of writing a post about heroes; heroes from a Biblical idea. I’ve been slightly annoyed reading about ‘heroes’ that really don’t seem like heroes at all. At least, not for most of their films. Some of them are thieves that are portrayed as funny and handsome; and wizards who preform magic (something strictly forbidden in the Bible) are portrayed as good heroes to cheer for. I decided to lay out a few guys who I found as heroic from a Biblical standpoint.

Villains (and the mistakes they make)

This is a follow up from my Heroes post. Villains are easy to see in films because they’re the bad guys; the ones causing harm. As I tore down sins of a few of my own picked villains, I found that they all had basically the same two sins. And I realized that we all battle the same sins just like they do.


Get mad at me over this one, but this is my post laying out the reasons of why I’m not planning to attend college. It’s written with some sarcasm and silliness (I must have had a rich dessert that night) and on the short side, but I’m pleased how I was able to get out my reasons of staying home.

And those are my big posts! I’d love to hear any of your feedback! :)

~Jamie Joyce



As I slide around on the floor trying to collect my blog marbles:

I am sad to realize that my Star Wars week is over. But then it dawned on me that I can post about Star Wars when I ever I like, so I feel better.

I also made an award for those who left comments for me and Kayla during the week specifically. They were great appreciated and I loved to keep hearing from you.

Now, as to the near future; I’m excited that my birthday is next Sunday; I have one more week to truthfully sing “I am sixteen going on seventeen…” :P Next Monday I will try (probably not very well) to slink out of my Star Wars mood for some ancient atmosphere as my birthday theme is Robin Hood (Kayla actually remember that I watched Robin Hood last year too!) I will have at least one post on Robin Hood and why I like him so much and a film review on the Errol Flynn classic. Sadly, I do not have near as many pictures, but as I have more than just a couple, they will make do (or else I shall be scrambling Tumblr for a Robin Hood website or something).

Also, as I was ‘tagged’ at Jedi-Chick’s blog, I’ll be in a very Disney mood as well. I’ve been wanting to post some Disney pictures anyway, and this tag (plus a couple more that I’ve found) will be fun to post, too.

And Disney reminds me that I could have had a Beauty and the Beast birthday party, but oh well. I already decided on Robin Hood. Maybe next year . . . . what’s sadder is that I have a million gorgeous BatB pictures… oh well, I can always do a BatB post too! :P Maybe I’ll do one for my birthday, just because it’s one of my favorite films ever.

I’m also planning on doing a post solely for Han and Chewie; twill be awesome. As they didn’t get a post all to themselves (Han had to share his with Leia) during this week’s fest, I decided to start putting one together for them; just of for the record. And besides, I love them both very, very much. And besides, they are one of the most amazing, awesome, and perfect duo’s in film history EVER. Please don’t argue with me; you could get hurt. :P (You know I’m joking of course.)

ALSO, I’m at the beginning stages of having my blog redone; new theme and everything. Hopefully I’ll keep my marbles and not change too much (I don’t want anyone getting lost). The name will stay the same. :)

Also, a warning for next week; I will probably not be on my blog Friday and Saturday as that is our homeschool convention days. It will be the first time that we don’t attend as a family, though. Mom isn’t going this year; but Dad is still taking Kayla and I for some shopping. I will probably get a T-Shirt like last year.

Alright, I’m off for picture hunting and post planning and deciding on my new theme! Hopefully see you all soon and thanks! :)

~Jamie Joyce

Behind The Scenes

I find almost more excitement in finding behind-the-scene shots from the SW trilogy than pictures from the films themselves. Seeing the familiar faces in everyday clothes hanging out on set is cool—and simply seeing the planets and worlds as what they really are is cool too. Get ready for seeing behind the scenes.

Hmmm, Leia and Han look alright. But look! Threepio! Chewie! What’s happened to your heads?!?!?! LOL Anthony is look around like; “Alright, where’d my helmet go? Guys, it’s not funny!” And poor Peter is glancing up at the trees looking either bored or embarrassed. “II’m not here. *whistles*” Lol

All I see is two siblings tattling on each other to the nearest grown up…

"Let's have a kiss!" "I can't bare to watch..."

Goodness, look at all the parts!

Carrie, Sir Alec, and Mark

Just another normal day, hangin’ with Dad and the Imperials…

I’m so envious!!!!!

Han 'And then I shot them! Bang! Bang!" Leia "Yeah, whatever, dear."

"Okay...how much longer of this?"

Threepio….you’re wearing pants….

Leia: “CHEESE!”

The wookie’s just keeping the camera people safe.

From this perspective, Yoda doesn’t look quite as….real??

And from this perspective . . . .

"If you only knew the power of the dark side!" "George, can he stop practicing now? He's creeping me out!"

Wookie Love

Nice cushions….or mattresses…

Awww, Mark, you cheated!

Gosh, I like this side of Star Wars just as much! I hope you all do too. :)

I’m sad to say that this is the last of my Star Wars posts, but I’m going to start working on one about my sister’s Star Wars themed party for tomorrow. :) Thank you to all who commented, I’m making an award for all of you! It really made my day(s) finding your comments. :)

I will probably do a post stating my future post plans soon, just so I can get back to regular blogging. :)

~Jamie Terry