Sunday Swimming

I’m tired out. Today we stayed late after church to swim. Oh boy. It was fun.

Volleyball (my team won). Marco Polo. Flips and cannonballs.  And Pastor, Mr M and Mr McA were foolish enough to jump off the roof into the ten foot deep section. *shakes head*

It was tiring but fun. We had a great time talking and laughing; and when Mr McA teased one of the girls too much (or dumped them off their tubes) the rest of us would start swarming him with huge splashes, so he got his just desserts. 😛 Pastor challenged me to a race and when we finished twice (I beat him the first time) he said I was a ‘worthy opponent’.

I’m pretty tired; my arms hurt from all the swimming and my neck from craning (us girls spent a lot of time in the deep end). So, this will be it for now.

Oh, and the first person to guess my birthday theme correctly was Rubies of the Lord from Ruby Thursday, my dear friends. It will be ROBIN HOOD! I’m excited! Well, anyway, more talk on that after Kayla’s birthday goes by. No weeping over that–it’s Star Wars themed! YES!

Anyway . . .

~Jamie Joyce


4 thoughts on “Sunday Swimming

  1. I can’t imagine why I didn’t think of Robin Hood sooner… *shakes head*

    Jumping off the ROOF?!?! *tries to stop heart-attack* I think I would have covered my eyes before I watched that one!!!

    To the KING be all the glory!

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